October 20, 2005

It's true we are no longer together...

It's been awhile since I posted anything on Bitchin' Gwen. Ya know, we just grew apart. She's on tour, but I'm staying at home to... clean the grout on the tub or something. I am concerned the tour will feature those damn fake Japanese pets - I mean girls! - and giant teacups and shit. I am too old for it. It will suck ass. Her follow-up album, which I was interested in, has been delayed. Whaddya bet it's a record of Pharrell songs that sound just like "Hollaback Girl"? Whatever, she still looks good.

BTW, a peeve - notice the little banner that tells you where those pics came from? I seriously doubt that site OWNS those photos. I have noticed this with several fan sites - making it hard to get clean copies of pics, as if they have some legal ownership of them. Fuck that.

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