October 31, 2005

I must have those hairy epaulets.

I have no idea what the message of this photo is. If I had cut the dog out, it would've had an entirely different meaning.

It's Halloweenie, so how about a few bits of Patrick Wolf news:

1) He has been cleared of robbery charges. I thought he was taking the
jailbait thing a bit far.

2) He has a new single out today in the UK. It's called Tristan (single cover below); in it he drops the f-bomb twice and brandishes a certain Trent Reznor angst. The song sits kind of jarringly amid the smoky tracks on his last album Wind In The Wires.

3) The video features Patrick being gang-attacked while wearing hairy epaulets. Or because he is wearing hairy epaulets.

4) Patrick loves Kate Bush. He loves her so much that when he performed a live version of Running Up That Hill at Islington he changed the melody of the song completely. Meh. What is it about young artistes that think they can just rewrite a classic? Do we need that? Do we care? Could have been transcendant, but is sadly not.

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Trasha said...

that bastard! i met him in a bathroom a long time ago and he said: "this is too sick--you're such a DOG!" how dare he make fun of that encounter in this picture!!!

xolondon said...

How George Michael of you! :)