October 8, 2005


All children must know how to dance 60's style. These kids do. They also love Joni Mitchell! How sophisticated.

My trip to Boston was for fun: a total escape from my life. I went to visit a close friend, her partner and their twins. [You may remember my
trip to the zoo with them last May.] I found Boston and its environs to be very English. I love how old everything is. Cambridge, MA could have easily been Cambridge in the UK. Not a stretch.


V said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you had a good time in Boston. I've never been. I'm guessing a lot of historical type sites with a alot of cobblestone streets. I'd love that.

Cute kids!!

babs said...

The kids rock. I particularly can hear Gabriel's "no." Ah, Cambridge. I haven't been in awhile. All my immediate friends have moved away from the area, so that there hasn't been a reason to visit recently. I love the MFA, Grendel's restaurant, and the greens. But it's become exorbitant to live there.