October 31, 2005

Diana Krall's Christmas Snogs - I mean songs!

Whaddya bet she forgot her underwear? Diana Krall releases her new Christmas CD on Nov 1 and you can bet it will be a sultry "Santa Claus is cumming" sort of affair. The Wyckoff Correspondent will need to keep his copy in the plastic wrap! Here are the songs Mrs. Costello has chosen:

1. Jingle Bells
2. Let It Snow
3. Christmas Song
4. Winter Wonderland
5. I'll Be Home for Christmas
6. Christmas Time Is Here
7. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
8. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
9. White Christmas
10. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve
11. Sleigh Ride
12. Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep

Spoiler alert!

Aerial tracks (and Kate interview snippets) have started to be played on BBC Radio today:

Pi: introduced by Kate - can be heard
here about 1hr 43m into the stream of the show.

Joanni: pronounced "Joe-anni" - was played at 1hr 12m
here. Smooth, elegant and as vaguely calypso as "King Of The Mountain." The synths remind me of Experiment IV for some reason.

Nocturne is
here and go to 53 mins into the show. Note that Cunty Bitch is right - this is a very good song. It seems very contemporary until it goes into a kooky chanted bit at the end (think "Ninth Wave").

Somewhere In Between is
here at 1h 7m into the show. Classic sounding Kate midtempo ballad. The male harmony voice reminds me of some of her older work.

How To Be Invisible is
here at 2h 10m into the show. It's guitar based, sort of rhythmic and meanders along with a minimal melody.

From the Kate Bush News and Information site

I must have those hairy epaulets.

I have no idea what the message of this photo is. If I had cut the dog out, it would've had an entirely different meaning.

It's Halloweenie, so how about a few bits of Patrick Wolf news:

1) He has been cleared of robbery charges. I thought he was taking the
jailbait thing a bit far.

2) He has a new single out today in the UK. It's called Tristan (single cover below); in it he drops the f-bomb twice and brandishes a certain Trent Reznor angst. The song sits kind of jarringly amid the smoky tracks on his last album Wind In The Wires.

3) The video features Patrick being gang-attacked while wearing hairy epaulets. Or because he is wearing hairy epaulets.

4) Patrick loves Kate Bush. He loves her so much that when he performed a live version of Running Up That Hill at Islington he changed the melody of the song completely. Meh. What is it about young artistes that think they can just rewrite a classic? Do we need that? Do we care? Could have been transcendant, but is sadly not.

Other posts on Patrick Wolf:
February 05 / March 05 / May 05 / July 05

October 29, 2005

She's almost here...

There has been a dearth of Kate Bush information for the last two weeks, but now there are tons of new images, a teaser commercial, a 16 page Mojo interview (!) and tons of reviews of Aerial. A few links:

Teaser promo (Windows Media): Hi / Lo
Kate Bush news site
Guardian report on the Mojo piece

My "King" single should come early this week, with the 10-minute "Sexual Healing"!

I don't like the above picture at all - it says to me, "I.... am... taking a... poop." I DO like the picture below.

Stars' perfect song

Kofi has a post that includes an MP3 of one of the finest songs of 2003, "Elevator Love Letter" by Stars. This won't stay up for long, but I urge you to get it- the song makes me as happy now as it did the first ten times I played (which was like 350 plays ago).

I wonder how often we play our favorite songs in our lifetime? Which song do you like that you'll never hear again? It's all very Paul Bowles isn't it?

Meanwhile, across the pond, Dirrrty Pop has a post about the pop music that is still due out this year. The writer of this blog needs to be drafted by the British music press ASAP. In fact, they should pay for her college education!

October 28, 2005

Stuart Price speaks

The very likeable Stuart Price has given a good interview to Popjustice about his work on the new Madonna record. I know several of his psuedonyms, but was shocked to find he is also Paper Faces, who did an excellent remix of Scissor Sisters "Filthy Gorgeous." There is just something about his remixes that I like. He doesn't dismantle a song - he embellishes it. The criticism is that his productions often sound similar. We'll see how it plays out over a whole album.

Off topic: Nihao Shelby!

Once again, I could not resist posting a Shelby picture. This time it's Shelby in her Chinese drag.

It's been about a year since I went to China. Everybody their has toy dogs now. None of these big Amurrrrrican dogs, just lots of Shih Tzus and their ilk!

October 27, 2005

When Rufus met Burt: a C

Rufus Wainwright has collaborated with Burt Bacharach on Burt's new CD, At This Time. This track is really odd. I truly thought the stream was a mistake... it's very jazz radio lite and Rufus doesn't come in vocally until about 3 minutes. Unexpectedly weak.

This post comes to you via Torr.

Meanwhile Want gets a rerelease as a double with 2 extra songs. Can anybody say CASH COW?

Madonnerrr likes ta dance.

Watch Madonna's new video for "Hung Up" here and now. Some comments from XO:
  • The choreography is amusing, especially her bits in the leotard, which are verrrry Donna Pescow in Saturday Night Fever - or is it a cheesy Solid Gold Dancer?
  • The story is just...dancing, with the locations floating between LA (lifted from LaChappelle's movie?) and London. Love the slow motion part where she leans way back with the girl.
  • She's sort of like the girl in "Borderline," but twenty years later. The video opening is a blatant rip on Gwen Stefani's "What You Waiting For" just like the song is a rip of Stuart Price's remix of the same track.
  • Is it me or has Madonna never been so skinny? She doesn't look unhealthy, just a bit too fleshless. Her cheeks are gaunt.
  • And what about her arm? Didn't it fucking hurt? Rumour is she had to have an epidural on the set. I think most mortals would still be in a cast. Not Madonna. Science does not apply.

The pics above are not from the video, but from The Roxy in NYC in the middle of the night on Saturday. She looks happy for change!

I want it up and on.

The Goldfrapp.fr fansite has MP3s of their live appearance on Jools Holland. The Supernature album continues to appear on my Recently Played iPod list and I keep focusing on new songs. Their new EP is out in America on Nov. 1: Get it in addition to the CD!

photo courtesy of Nightwing

October 25, 2005

Off topic: Paint a rumour

Read it here first: The rumor in Washington is that Cheney will soon resign for "health" reasons. We have heard it from TWO separate Cap Hill sources, which is better than a terror threat, right? It's probably wishful thinking, but given Plame blame trail heading up to the Veep, it's possible. If it really happens, I will get smashed off my ass to celebrate!

You can't escape their biology

In a strange twist of fate, Fluxblog follows behind Xolondon in celebrating the new Girls Aloud masterpiece "Biology". They have the Mp3 - get it fast.

Robbie's dinger.

This is news all over the web: Robbie Williams has lost his mind! His website has a brief video promo with a camera roaming over his body, with him smirking, winking and tweaking his nipple. At the end they pull back for a shot of him wagging his dick! I kid you not! What is he thinking? He has always seemed like a lovable exhibitionist (well, I love them), but good God!

In the meantime, Robbie's new CD is up on iTunes despite the fact it is not getting a brick and mortar release in the US anytime soon.

October 24, 2005

There's a lifestyle of painted lips

We Too Are One era, 1989

Ever wonder what an art director does for an album? Some of you already know and want to be one. It's a fantasy job isn't it? The V&A in London currently has an exhibit of Eurythmics visual imagery - maybe I should hop a jet to see it? Anyway, ethrill has a good interview with their image man, Laurence Stevens.

XO's favorite Eurythmics album cover? We Too Are One
XO's favorite Eurythmics video? "Don't Ask Me Why" or "Shame"
XO's favorite Annie look? Her vaguely suntanned appearance for "Sexcrime" or the final dizzying moments of "Don't Ask Me Why"

and the music...
XO's favorite Eurythmics album? Revenge
XO's favorite Eurythmics single? "Here Comes The Rain Again"
XO's favorite Eurythmics album cut? "Shame"

Remember trolls, the new Ultimate Hits record is out on November 7/8 worldwide. Both new songs are 5 stars - the first single is out on 10/31. The re-releases are out Nov 14/15.. There is also a Boxed set that I am sploobing over.

Savage era, 1987

Sweet Dreams era, 1983

October 23, 2005

My eyes have been bugging me this weekend and I have no blogging inspiration (although I could do some reviews if I wasn't a lazy bastard). So that's why I'm quiet. I have found that some days there is way too much to report or comment on and other days, nada.

Songs I am listening to this weekend: "X-Static Process" and "The Beast Within" by Madonna, "Supernature" by Cerrone and some new tunes by The Cardigans ("Good Morning Joan" - hear it via Scenestars - and "Don't Blame Your Daughter (Diamonds)").

A few other comments:

  • The Pope just reaffirmed that priests need to be celibate. What a dick.
  • Harriet Myers will not make it to the Supreme Court (a real crystal ball I have, huh?)
  • Karl Rove and Scooter Libby will be out of the White House in 10 days!
  • Spike Lee thinks that the US govt blew up the levees in the black ares of New Orleans! Neglected them, yes, blew them up, no!
  • Ricky Martin sucks shit an d I am glad his record is not a big success. He looks like a "tina queen"
  • GO Melissa Etheridge for saying that she used medical marijuana. FUCK G. Bush.
  • As I type this, my tiny girl cat, Lucinda, is trying to get my attention by grabbing my hands

October 21, 2005

First Madonna review

I am a little weary about this CD, but this is a good review from a site called Drowned Madonna. Tonight is the documentary on MTV at 10 (no commercials). Regardless of whether you can deal with the spiritual blather, be sure to check out the first few minutes for the really weird Beast Within images that opened the tour. All the live show footage is AMAZING.

PS: Arjan has a nice retro post about Madonna's song for Nick Kamen, "Each Time You Break My Heart" - I have always liked this song and Arjan has lots of freebies associated with it.

October 20, 2005

It's true we are no longer together...

It's been awhile since I posted anything on Bitchin' Gwen. Ya know, we just grew apart. She's on tour, but I'm staying at home to... clean the grout on the tub or something. I am concerned the tour will feature those damn fake Japanese pets - I mean girls! - and giant teacups and shit. I am too old for it. It will suck ass. Her follow-up album, which I was interested in, has been delayed. Whaddya bet it's a record of Pharrell songs that sound just like "Hollaback Girl"? Whatever, she still looks good.

BTW, a peeve - notice the little banner that tells you where those pics came from? I seriously doubt that site OWNS those photos. I have noticed this with several fan sites - making it hard to get clean copies of pics, as if they have some legal ownership of them. Fuck that.

Goldfrapp "Number 1" in America

As reported on Arjan and Goldfrappfree, Goldfrapp are releasing the truly phenomenal "Number 1" as a teaser single in the United States on November 1. Here is the excellent tracklist:

01. Number 1
02. Beautiful (better than a few of the CD tracks!)
03. All Night Operator - Part 1 (moody and old school Goldfrapp)
04. Number 1 - Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Main Remix
05. Ooh La La - Tiefschwarz Remix
06. Enhanced Section : Number 1 - Postcards From The Summer (Video)

If you have not seen the hilarious and clever new video, check it out now.

October 19, 2005

Some recent online reviews

Kate Bush's Aerial: The Observer (5/5 stars), Times Online (3/5 stars)

Depeche Mode's Playing The Angel: Playlouder, Launch UK (7/10 stars), Independent (4/5 stars)

Rachel Stevens' Come And Get It: BBC (a "classic"), Dirrrty Pop (loves it)

The Cardigans' Super Extra Gravity: Times Online, Independent (hate it!?)

Robbie Williams' Intensive Care: Times Online (ouch!) (interview here)

Sugababes' Taller In More Ways: Launch UK (7/10 stars), Guardian (3/5 stars), Stylus (B+)

Professor Ritchie is a bitch. Don't take her class!

Here's a novelty way to launch an album: teach a college class. Doesn't she look professorly? She must have licked her hands and tried to flatten those wings in her hair.

New music: The Music Lovers

The Music Lovers are a Birmingham, England orchestral pop band that recall Scott Walker, The Divine Comedy, Cousteau, Richard Hawley - there's even an occasional Marc Almond sound to lead singer Ted Edwards' voice.

I discovered this band through Kofi's Hat who posted the AMAZING track "The Former Miss Ontario" (get the Mp3 here fast). You can also hear that track and an older song called "This World Vs. The Next World" via their label site.

I've just ordered TML's last release, 2004's The Words We Say Before We Sleep and will do a review once I have it. In January, Le Magistry will release their new CD, The Music Lovers Guide For Young People, so I will report more at that time.

update: having heard the full CD, it occurs to me that fans of Stars would like this CD too.

October 18, 2005

Pop Album of the Year

Rachel Stevens: Come And Get It
Buy it now. Do not ask questions. Review coming soon.

UPDATE: Into The Groove offers the MP3 of "Nothing Good About This Goodbye"

October 17, 2005

What I'm listening to now: iPod version

Rather than do my usual update of songs, I thought I would look at my recently played list on the iPod. Here is what I find:

The Music Lovers: The Former Miss Ontario my new favorite song
Richard Hawley: Coles Corner 60's-like swoony pop - good for night walking
Sugababes: 2 Hearts pretty orchestral ballad - melancholy - played multiple times in a row
Mark Owen: Believe In The Boogie re-added to ipod - great accent on this song
Christopher Cross: Minstrel Gigolo I have loved this song for 25 years trolls!
Depeche Mode: Nothing's Impossible moody electropop by Dave
Madonna: Hung Up kind of MEH - long version with more "times goes by so slowly" bits is better
Madonna: Justify My Love a classic - 15 yrs old now!
Scissor Sisters: Filthy Gorgeous (Paper Faces Vocal Mix) super smooth
Andy Bell: Love Oneself (with Claudia Brucken) love her voice on this
Human League: Human (ext version) while we were apart I was human too
Girls Aloud: Biology pisses all over most recent dance tracks - fat burner
Berlin: The Metro LA new wave classic
The Motels: Shame viva la Martha
Eurythmics: Was It Just Another Love Affair Pinot Grigio companion piece

Off topic: something better than a pop song


On a black night in early March,
the fire hot, my daughter says
Wrap me in something. I get the old
grey quilt, gleaming like a sloughed
insect casing, and wrap it around and
around her narrow nine-year old body,
hollow and flexible. Cover my face,
she hisses in excitement. I cover her face
and fall back from the narrow, silver
shape on the carpet.

How finally
she is getting away – an Egyptian child
bound in gauze, set in a boat
on a black night in early March
and pushed out on the water, given
over to the gods of the next world
who will find her
or not find her.

- Sharon Olds, The Dead And The Living, 1984

A favorite poem from many years past. I used to read this over and over. Thank you for your kind note, Anne. I will see you soon!

I heard a rumour

Is this Madge Ritchie (with bad hair) showing up yesterday for the joint birthday party of Princess Yum Yum and her doppleganger Lourdes Leon?

Mini reviews

Andy Bell Electric Blue
Before I start, let's just say right now that the title track does not live up to its title. This is a nice album, with some sweet melodies but it does suffer form the same thing Erasure record suffers from - a certain canned, airless 80's sound that needs to be jazzed up a bit. It's like they haven't
bothered to learn any new technology. Still, there are some great racks here, most notably the single "Crazy" and the beautiful, sweet duet with Claudia Brucken called "Love Oneself." Brucken has such a welcoming voice and this track is so affirming that when you hear it you realize how rarely artists make music with these kinds of lyrics. The final midtempo ballad "The Rest Of Our Lives" is also a standout. All told, much better than I expected. Quite a year for Mr. Bell.

Richard Hawley: Coles Corner
I noticed Richard's album cover on Amazon about 2 months ago, but didn't know much about him. He almost had me! Thanks to the excellent Kofi's Hat blog, I sampled a few songs and rushed to buy this CD. The music Hawley creates is lush, noirish and sweeps several styles (even country), but all through the filter of Scott Walker's late 60's orchestral influence. If you know and love SW tracks like "It's Raining Today" (my fave), that is what this CD sounds like. Divine Comedy fans must purchase it too, while they await Neil's next opus. My favorite tracks are "Born Under A Bad Sign" and "The Ocean."

Note: Act fast and you can download "The Ocean" from Kofi's Hat.

Ryan Adams: Jacksonville City Nights
I would love to write a nice review of this; too bad I sold this piece of shit after a few listens! Note that I did burn a copy, so I will eventually dig out a few gems hidden there. Major disappointment after the relative success of Cold Roses.

October 16, 2005

Red Alert!

New Kate Bush video!
The clip for the new song "King Of The Mountain" is up now on Kate's official site. I'm not sayin' a word about what it's like - you need to watch it. No, the pic above is not from it! That's Kate, under the ivy (har har!).

As for the "new" b-side, Kate recorded "Sexual Healing" for Davey Spilliane's album in the 90's - I am not sure if it was ever released. Get it on October 24.

October 15, 2005

Is Nicola dead?

If not, then why is she wearing black shoes? What do you hear when you play the single backwards? Just sayin'...
Hot dog, jumping frog, Albequerque! I've just remembered that it's Princess Yum Yum's birthday! Happy YEAR... XOSA

Update: I forgot to add my little visual gift. What is this below?


Why, it's Princess Leia as an emoticon of course!

Off topic: A Shelby update

Here is Shelby and her friend Syd at lunch. Apparently Shelby tried to hump Syd! Read my favorite pug blog here.

You may not want to read this...

The first real review, from the Times of London, of Kate Bush's new CD, Aerial. This reminds me that everyone must stay calm and keep our fantastical expectations in check!

Review: Depeche Mode's Playing The Angel

It's been 10 months since I wrote my praise for Depeche Mode and now I have been listening to their new CD, Playing The Angel. It's fantastic, bringing together so many incarnations of DM over their 25 years together.

The silvery lead single Precious is unlike anything else on the record - it's the softest song here and perhaps one of the most tender they've ever done. I love the opening lines, "Precious and tender things need special handling." This becomes more poignant when you hear that Martin Gore wrote the song while worrying about how his children will survive his divorce. Dave's voice on it is absolutely crystalline. How does he do this after his long, druggie lost weekend in the 90's? I mean, in Vh1's Behind The Music, each commercial came with this line:"Next, Dave dies!"

Aside from Precious, the most immediate and obvious addition to the DM "canon" is the massive John The Revelator. It's a super- melodic, electronic army of a song that's lifted by Dave's fearless I Feel You-like vocal and an amazing amazing chorus. I can't wait to be in the audience when they sing along (which they WILL in this case) to these lines:

Seven lies, multiplied by seven,
Multiplied by seven again
Seven angels with seven trumpets
Send 'em home on the morning train

Well who's that shouting?
John the Revelator!
All he ever gives us is pain

Well who's that shouting?
John the Revelator!
He should bow his head in shame

Musically, PTA is all over the place: the Star Wars space battle noises at 2:50 in John The Revelator, the soft plucked notes at the end of Lillian (which made me wish they'd done it as a ballad), and the simple 2 note da-da-da duh structure of Precious.

Dave contributes three of his own songs for the first time and two are standouts. Suffer Well might have fit on Music For The Masses or Exciter, and I love the almost inhuman vocal he delivers on the new wave gothic Nothing's Impossible, which has a subtle chorus.

Martin brings an over-the-top vocal to Macrovision - listen to the way he lets rip just 50 seconds into the song when he sings: "whispering cosmos." The lyrics are cheese, but that's a minor quibble for one of the catchiest tracks on the CD. Aside from the simultaneously heavy and light Precious, he outdoes himself on the lyrics to Damaged People, which opens with an amazing line: "We're damaged people, drawn together by subtleties we're not aware of." How often do you hear a song with a line that self aware? The song, the chorus of which reminds me of something else I cannot pinpoint, is a midtempo electronic piece, almost prayerful.

Playing The Angel is a true return to form, made sweeter by Dave's dark period. It is truly their best album since Songs Of Faith And Devotion.

Aside from this music, we have some other DM songs to look forward to: the array of remixes (including an upcoming Goldfrapp remix for the next single, the noirish A Pain That I'm Used To and several full-vocal b-sides. I'll see them live for the first time in December and I will report back then.

Old Man George?!

Give me time to realize my crime, indeed!
And can he not afford better pants?

October 14, 2005

New Madonna single: Not thrilling.

Some images from the new Madonna documentary I'm Going To Tell You A Secret. Click to enlarge. Capture created by Madonnalicious

As for the new song, "Hung Up" - it's very catchy and probably the slightest single Madonna has released in many years. Lyrics include

Ring ring ring
Goes the telephone
The lights are on
But there's no one home

Deep! It's fun, but a bit repetitive. It'd better have a killer video! I am wary of this CD because it is 13 dance songs - no ballads at all - with most songs produced by the same person. It seems like an atempt to go old school, but I find the whole 120 bpm requirement restrictive. All will be revealed in November, but "Hung Up" is not the sublime music I hoped it would be.

October 13, 2005

Starsailor's CD streams in NME Media Player (thanks NME! I don't like it and cancelled my order. I don't like the melodies much and I don't like James' voice on it. Am I rash?)

Esther Ritchie's consciousness

Check out the 10-minute preview of Madonna's new movie I'm Going To Tell You A Secret. It looks just like Truth Or Dare - it's even in black and white - but with less blow job talk and more conciousness talk. The movie will be aired on MTV on Friday, October 21.

Note: if you have pop-ups blocked, the VH1 is built on them.

October 12, 2005

You're my Saturday

Alison continues to rock the 70's glam. Elegant new single (DVD) cover. Buy the single for the wonderful b-side "Beautiful"

You can't mistake my biology

Girls Aloud "Biology"

Okay, I lost several pounds last night playing this new song on the treadmill. It's a POP MASTERPIECE that will sound amazing on a big sound system (which I am not likely to ever hear). MASSIVE.

My take on this single is that Xenomania (who produce GA) and "the Girls" knew they needed to do something unusual, so they made a pop song that flouts all the rules. It takes 1:30 to get to what you THINK is the chorus and then -voila! - the REAL chorus kicks in at 2:00, and it's fucking SLAMMING. Then the song sort of expodes all over itself for the next 1:30 before it ends.

What does it sound like? It opens with a glam rock beat that it keeps returning to. Shades of Goldfrapp - the same kind of stomping beat they have used on several singles. It's also harder sounding, at least in the last half, than most of the GA songs. Sort of aggressive, but it has sugary pop parts and the usual funny bits too, like the lines about getting a cappucino and heading for the hills.

Want to hear a sample? Go to http://www.girlsaloud.co.uk/site.php - it may not sound so exciting as it does on headphones while running.

I think I am the only person associated with this blog who likes this kind of shit (well, I know a few of you who like the is type of pop). This year is an embarrassment of pop riches. Next year is going to be dry dry dry.

October 11, 2005

Play The Angel NOW: New Depeche Mode album streaming at myspace
I've Got A Life: new Eurythmics video

TV takes me to the music

I have recently concluded that a key way for me to find new music (aside from blogs, friends, press) is via television. Producers are mining their own mixtapes for tracks appropriate to their scripts and it's a perfect way to sell music. Product placement at its best. I am constantly writing down song lyrics and googling them during shows. I think this started for me with Alias, which has used David Gray to great effect and introduced many people to Diamond Nights' song "The Girl's Attractive." (thanks PYY!)

Nip/Tuck has become a vital source. If any of you caught the season opener a few weeks ago, they used two Madeleine Peyroux
songs to great effect in the storyline regarding Momma Boone, the obese lady. Often the music on Nip/Tuck sort of mocks the scene, like last week's use of Lionel Richie's "Stuck On You" when two frat boys had their faces glued to the ass of another frat boy (and I won't even mention how they used Billy Idol's "Eyes Without A Face")!! Anyway, the Momma Boone sequences were greatly enhanced by the Peyroux tunes, which seemed to really give some sense of dignoty to that story, a sad one. It must be nice for the actors to watch these sequences later, because I doubt they have the music on-set. If the do, that might explain what a great (and surprising) job Julian McMahon did last season in his love scene with the blind woman - it was set to "Natasha" by Rufus Wainwright. In that case, though I love Rufus, I had not bothered to listen to how beautiful that song is - it was Nip/Tuck that brought it "out" to me.

Some other notable songs on TV in recent months were Sia's "Breathe Me" which I believe is a major reason the final sequence of Six Feet Under was so moving (read my post about that). Elvis Costello even recorded a version of Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" for an episode of House!

I have an idea for Nip/Tuck: I think they should use tracks from Goldfrapp's Supernature CD when it comes out in America early next year. That would be genius, to have an episode built around that record. They could probably afford it and it would guarantee sales for Goldfrapp. Everybody wins.

Further reading: Message board for Nip/Tuck music

Was It Just Another Love Affair

Can you believe that picture? How did Annie Lennox get to stand in so many lines? The intelligence line, the beauty line, the talent line, the soul line? If it were anyone else, I'd be cunty about it...

Anyway, go here (act fast) and find a link for the other new Eurythmics song. It is best played at night with a glass of wine in hand. It's gorgeous, smooth r'n'b. I am very impressed and wish these were teasers for a full album.

October 10, 2005

Kofi does it again

Check out Kofi's Hat for samples of the new Starsailor and Cardigans CDs. I continuously find good music on this blog - most recently the blindingly great Richard Hawley CD, which I will comment on soon.

October 24 MUST have CD: David McAlmont

Order it now from Amazon UK because I am betting this will be an amazing record. He covers

1. You Go To My Head
2. Night And Day
3. Saving All My Love For You
4. Blues In The Night
5. Never, Never, Never
6. Under My Skin
7. A Certain Smile / The Shadow Of Your Smile

8. Blues Are Brewing
9. How Long Has This Been Going On
10. Black Coffee
11. My Romance
12. One For My Baby

Some of my favorite songs!

Do you know David? He was a part of McAlmont and Butler, who sang "Yes" ("I feel well enough to do tell you what you can do with what you have to offerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"!) and "You Do" in the mid-90's, at the heighth of BritPop. His solo work is varied and somewhat spotty, but if you want to hunt around, here are 2 tracks I recommend (if I was sharp as Kofi, I would put them up!):

The moody, elegant "Snow" on a Craig Armstrong CD (that you can get here for cheap!)and his immaculate cover of "Diamonds Are Forever" from the James Bond covers CD called Shaken Not Stirred (single here)

Separated At Birth

Madonna and...

Valerie Cherish (aka Lisa Kudrow)

October 9, 2005

Kate Bush update

Please note the Live Journal for a Kate Bush fan has a new press release on the Aerial album and someone's comments from a listening party. One funny quote:

There is an "emotive reading of a lengthy section of the infinite series of numbers in ‘Pi’ "

Oh my.

October 8, 2005


All children must know how to dance 60's style. These kids do. They also love Joni Mitchell! How sophisticated.

My trip to Boston was for fun: a total escape from my life. I went to visit a close friend, her partner and their twins. [You may remember my
trip to the zoo with them last May.] I found Boston and its environs to be very English. I love how old everything is. Cambridge, MA could have easily been Cambridge in the UK. Not a stretch.


This is Noah, who, with his twin, turns 3 in a month. He told me several times "You a good man!" I'd say he's the more gregarious of the twins, the go-getter. Very open with affection. Noah likes to kick the ball, pick up sticks, bring me objects made of large Legos, etc!


Gabriel is the smaller twin, a little more introverted and placid, without being too shy. One characteristic I noticed was his sweet little voice, almost a British accent! He's like I was when I was his age - very into pretending and playing by himself. A tree stump makes a good train for Gaby. The refrain of the weekend from him was a simple "No" which does not convery how sweet he is. He has an amazing smile.

XO: Gaby, do you want to ride on my back?
Gabriel (in wee voice): [long pause] No.

October 7, 2005

I'm back online at home, FYI. If I have been ignoring you it's probably because of that. I haven't read a lot of sites for 2 weeks.

This kitten rocks.


The savioresse of pop music, that's who, fuckers! Her forthcoming album, the blandly titled Come And Get It is the finest pop album I have heard since Kylie's Fever. This is simple: killer track after killer track, awash in an 80's new wave sheen. It's such brilliant sugar pop that the haughty indie rag Stylus has annointed Rachel with an A- review and this bit of praise: Come And Get It (is)... the best pop album of 2005.

Rachel's website isn't fully loaded yet, but you can hear a bit of the new single "I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)" a song already notorious for the line, "Ooh! I let you in my back door!" The track has a welcome pedigree: verses reminiscent of Adam And The Ants' "Goody Two Shoes" while the chorus recalls Joan Jett's "I Hate Myself For Loving You" (hola Maria, you tough bitch!). Just let the loop run a few times and you'll be sucked deep inside.

If I continue to lose weight (only a few lbs so far), I will need to send Rache (I call her Rache, okay?) a gift because this album has been on constant iPod play at the gym. Stay tuned for a lot more on Rachel Stevens, Savioresse of Pop Music.

October 6, 2005

Hear "I've Got A Life"

Hear the new Eurythmics single I have been creamin' my jeans over. Instructions:

  1. go to the J Records site
  2. click on the Artists tab
  3. click on Eurythmics
  4. in the Current Release box, click Listen Now
  5. run around the room screaming at the fabulousness of this song

UPDATE: Full details on the new Eurythmics reissues here. Note to Varant, your song is there!

October 5, 2005

Bitchin' Gwen update

New CD delayed until next year. Asshole label dudes re-releasing LAMB in a special edition with this fab Jean Harlow-esque cover. I hate that shit. They are also doing that with Mariah Carey's Mimi CD, I guess so they can get pools in their St. Bart's vacation homes?

Starsailor FYI

Used to love Starsailor - I even met them backstage on their first tour - but I hate their new single "In The Crossfire." Bo-ring. Hear it here (player in upper right corner). New CD On The Outside due in th UK on Oct. 17. BTW, lead singer James is kind of a dickhead.

October 4, 2005

A dog to get you...

Check out Arjan for the amusing new Goldfrapp video, "Number 1" - their best video yet, IMO.

Meanwhile, read this review of their Brighton show. You can now get online or CD versions of several shows (legit) from this link.

I'm back and so is Kate.

First new press photo of Kate Bush in like 12 years!
I have lots of news below and will soon post about my Boston trip. I want to get my computer running first...


Morrissey's new early-2006 CD is called Ringleader of The Tormentors (way to go Moz! He never lets us down!) and is being produced by Tony Visconti. Early rumors that it would be a hard record may be wrong. News from True To You and Torr.

Can I just add that I live for this? I hope he records like 30 songs! He is still on Sanctuary / Attack btw.

New Sting song

Sting, who looks a bit menacing in the pic above, has recorded one of my favorite songs. He's collaborated with Chris Botti on the Michel Legrand song "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?" first made famous by Babs Streisand. It's a cheesy, dramatic song, but really moody and elegant.

More news on the Chris Botti CD at Sting.com
iTunes download link