September 17, 2005

WWMBC: Women Who Make Bad Choices

Totally off topic, but do you know any of those women? Here are two:

Have you seen the pics of Kate Moss doing coke with Pete Doherty in his recording studio? What a fucking idiot. They are like the new Bobby and Whitney. I really hate people who are only as good as those around them. If you are like that, stay away! But really...models do coke? WHO KNEW?

Renee Zellweger! What a fucking idiot. Instead of a third date, they got married! Then they apparently proceeded to spend one month together before going off to do work in separate places? And acted sad that people were saying negative shit about them! She is not 21. And you just know she will only get thinner and more PINCHED now and demand that all her friends come to her aid'n'comfort.

Celebs: They're just like us! They're fucking fools!

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