September 28, 2005

She'll make the most of it...

One week until the release of Fiona Apple's new CD Extraordinary Machine. If you have not heard her last album, When The Pawn, find it now. It is a 90's classic.

Rolling Stone loves the new record (though the review is not online yet), which snotty fans have been pissing on because Jon Brion did not produce all the tracks. Apparently it is quite reworked, although you can't tell that from "O Sailor" - available in full
on her website. You can read the real story of this new record here.

UPDATE: Jason alerts me that you can listen to the whole album here:

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Trasha said...

i love fiona and had the privaledge of seeing her live for her first tour. she walked right past me when i was waiting to get into the venue and i didn't even recognize her. i got a chance to chat with her while she was on stage because i yelled out what her next song was going to be and she said, surprised: "how did you know i was going to play that?!" then i told her we could all see her set (it was taped to her piano) list and she laughed.