September 21, 2005

Review: Supergrass / Road To Rouen

Supergrass: Road To Rouen

In 1995 no one could have guessed that Supergrass would be one of the few survivors of Brit Pop. They have yet to make the kind of astonishingly bad music that Oasis has excelled at over the last 8 years. This new album is done not by the boys who bounced through the classic "Alright" – these are the men who did the beautifully complicated “Moving”. Road To Rouen is the sound of a group that can do anything it wants – it’s a pretty radical change for this band.

When we last heard them, Supergrass were channeling Talking Heads on the genius single “Kiss Of Life.” (Tom Tom Club even did a remix of that one). If you want to look cool in your Camero, blast that track. In 2005, they have opted for a mellow 70’s vibe. This album is all about atmospherics. Highlights include the 3-songs-in-1 opener “Tales Of Endurance,” the fantastically lazy jauntiness of new single “Low C” and the airy finale “Fin.” This is a solid mellow rock album, albeit only 30 minutes long! There are only 8 vocal tracks, but no duds among them.

Final note: one of the best album covers this year.
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