September 12, 2005

Precious and fragile things need special handling

Lots of Depeche Mode news:

The fan site Empty World has this excellent interview with Ben Hillier the producer of Playing The Angel. He says that 3 of the b-sides will be full vocal tracks, unlike with recent albums.

See their the now-completed new video which is so CG that I didn't bother to finish watching it. Meh. I don't like videos where everything is fake but the person. Seems cheap.

Finally, get full "deets" on the new single, Precious. Hiller has this to say about the b-side Free: Free is quite a driving, up-tempo track. I really like Free, it's got some great vintage synth sounds on it... it's a real analogue treat that one... (laughs) And uhm... that's a really good track...

If you enlarge the pic above, it becomes a wallpaper. How value added.

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V said...

I love the great vintage synth sound! I can't wait to hear all this. Why must we wait so long?