September 20, 2005

Off topic: The Big Ones Will Follow

I recently came across an old article called Why Don't Donatella Versace. I thought to myself, "This woman is filled with the wisdom of the ages." Let me share some of the things Donatella suggests you do to make yourself happy and fulfilled:
  1. Consider Lycra for your next equestrian adeventure.
  2. Wear a gold python leather trench over your gym clothes.
  3. Wear a cashmere cardigan over a jeweled bikini.
  4. Install a flat-screen TV with surround sound in your bathroom so you can watch movies while soaking in a hot oil bath.
  5. Create a collection of colored diamonds. Start small, the big ones will follow.

I quite like the picture of Donatella and Mariah above. They are like two large, absurdist Muppets. Doesn't Donatella look like Janice from the Muppet Show?


V said...

Donatella? As Pattsy would say "Liver sausage in a wig."

xolondon said...

Nice pop culture recall! I liked it when Edina was picking her spray on tan color and she chose something like "Donatella Corinthina leather"

Tim said...

Start small, the big ones will follow.

Is this referring to Mariah's breast implants???