September 6, 2005

Newsy bits

Ooh! It is beautiful September weather in DC this morning: blue sky, sunny and 70's. Ahhhhhhh! I played the extended version of Spandau Ballet's cheesy "Gold" on my iPod while walking to work and it put me in such a good mood. I blow a kiss to my 80's trolls - you know who you are and I wish I could see you today.

Madgedonna Minutiae
I have heard a 30-second sample of the new Madonna song Hung Up and if you want to hear its source material, just listen to the Jacques LuCont Tick Tock remix of Bitchin' Gwen's What You Waiting For? - it has a similar sound and tick tock tick tock lyric. Remember that Jacques LuCont is Stuart Price, Madonna's collaborator. Will the song also contain that cool slicing sound that Price used on Gwen's remix and the New Order track Guilt Is A Useless Emotion? This song is cut in the vein of other meaningless Madge tracks like Deeper And Deeper - no message. Meanwhile that is the injured Lady Ritchie above, shooting her Motorola commercial (guerilla marketing?). I wonder if she has slings in every color?

Robbie Williams Reggae-lite
I heard the new Robbie Williams single called Tripping and it's vaguely faux reggae. Decent vocals, but other than that not too impressive on first listen - the roommate said, "Uck! Who and what IS that?"It's a shame, because his collaborator on the album is the excellent Stephen Duffy of Lilac Time, so I expected more. Could we not have another No Regrets please? A minor key masterpiece, that one was.

The Grudge Sucks
Do not -do not - do not see the movie The Grudge. If you've seen The Ring, you don't need to bother! It contains the same ghostly girl killer- you know, the one who crawls around in a spastic fashion, soaking wet with stringy hair? It has the same "old" crime that a plucky heroine (SMG) investigates using old newspaper stories. It has the good looking, lovingly confused boyfriend who you just know will die. It has the same grey color scheme. It has virtually no dialogue. And practically everyone dies. So there!

It's hard work workin'
The President continues to say absolutely nothing of substance as he rotates his small vocabulary in different arrangements of words: work, hard, to do, working. It's the same way he answers Iraq questions... Q: "Mr. President, what words of comfort do you have for the people inside the Astrodome?" A: "Welllll....(stall)...we have a lot of hard work to do. Mr. [X] here has been workin' hard to get these people This is a... process!" Note that all this is said as he assumes the stance of a bowlegged wrestler, sort of like he's just finished doing some sort of heavy lifting. It's the usual cocky athlete pose we are used to, but it becomes more appalling each day. And what is Laura Bush doing with her time? Could she have flown to Texas, her home state, to help with efforts there? I wish we could impeach.

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