September 1, 2005

New Immi track due soon!

Strangely, Imogen Heap has done a song called Spooky for the soundtrack of that new Reese Witherspoon romatic comedy called Just Like Heaven. It's a cover of a song by Atlanta Rhythm Section and should be available as of September 13, hopefully on iTunes.

Have you purchased your copy of her new CD, Speak For Yourself? If not, you should do. it. now. If you are saving money, wait for the US release on November 1 on RCA Victor. Two of the best tracks remain for sale on US iTunes.


Trasha said...

i added her as a myspace friend because of her song "hide and seek". i told her it reminded me of "o superman" by laurie anderson. i hope that didn't piss her off! must not have--she added me anyway!

xolondon said...

I think that would only be viewed as a compliment! There is also a VERY Laurie moment on her song "Just For Now."

Trasha said...

well, you know how people can be when they get compared to other artists. like, the last time someone compared me to david bowie, i gave them an abortion--and they weren't even pregnant! or a woman. humph.