September 27, 2005

Kate Bush single on iTunes!

Above is the Kate Bush Aerial album cover, which Devian scooped last week! Soothing, but also kind of bland. At least it is not a child's drawing. There is a tracklist on some sites, but I am not sure if it's real. If it is authentic, there are only 13 songs spread over two discs. I do believe one track "How To Be Invisible" is really on the CD. Meanwhile, the single is now on iTunes.

The picture of Kate above comes from the Cathy Book done by her brother John Carder Bush, who has taken some of the best pics of her over the years. It's all very JM Barrie...


Trasha said...

i'm reading everywhere that the album has only 8 songs on it! one disc with just one song and another disc with seven songs on it. that was a huge bummer at first, but then i had to refocus and tell myself: "dark side of the moon" was only like nine songs or whatnot. what sites did you see the potential track listing on? i'd like to get a giggle when the album comes out and see who was right and whow as full of shite!

xolondon said...

Popjustice has a thread on it. It is likely bollocks! This is what they claim:

1. King Of The Mountain
2. Pi
3. Lovely Bertie
4. Mrs. Bartolozzi
5. How To Be Invisible
6. Joani
7. The Coral Room

CD 2
1. Prolog
2. Watching The Painter
3. Sunset
4. Somewhere In Between
5. Dream
6. Aerial

Note also that the cover is NOT an earth formation reflected in water. I think it is sound waves or something.

Trasha said...

well the sound waves are obvious...i noticed them immediately. the rest of the photo though just looks like being above the clouds, flying in a plane.

it does seem like "bullocks" though because so many more sites claim that one CD is just one track. :( we'll have to wait and see i guess! thank you for that though! i can't wait to see what songs show up on the album under those names, if any beyond KOTM.