September 29, 2005

Kate Bush: Aerial tracklist?

Kate with Trio Bulgarka (?), 1989ish

Here is the Aerial tracklist. The second disc seems sort of Ninth Wave-ish:

Part One: A Sea of Honey
1. King Of The Mountain
2. pi
3. Bertie
4. Mrs. Bartolozzi
5. How To Be Invisible
6. Joanni
7. A Coral Room

Part Two: A Sky of Honey
1. Prelude

2. Prologue
3. An Architect's Dream
4. The Painter's Link
5. Sunset
6. Aerial Tal
7. Somewhere In Between
8. Nocturn
9. Aerial

1 comment:

trill42 said...

I have no idea what to make of that second track title, but I am so looking forward to Aerial! Even if it's a faux-tracklist, I can still somehow magically tell just by looking at it that both discs will be wonderful. ;)

Your blog is too cool.