September 23, 2005

Joni Mitchell never lies

I am getting ready to spend next weekend with my dear friend (and her twins!) in Boston. One of her favorite Joni Mitchell songs is "Jericho," a song that slipped by me, perhaps because it's on Don Juan's Reckless Daughter, an album few people know. This is a song that teaches: Joni Mitchell excels at encapsulating the experience of relationships ("a warm arrangement") into 3 minutes.

The lyrics in darker blue are my favorites, but I love every word of this song...the final lines in particular mean a lot to me. I've noticed that I am drawn to tales of escape or release.

But you know, the situation and feelings depicted in this song are not of a life I lead. There is no real passion like this for me and I like to think that, rather than getting skittish, still and set in my ways, I am gathering up all the tools I will need to bring to a relationship when and if it finally comes.

Jericho by Joni Mitchell

I'll try to keep myself open up to you
That's a promise that I made to love
When it was new
"Just like Jericho," I said
"Let these walls come tumbling down,"
I said it like I finally found the way
To keep the good feelings alive
I said it like it was something
To strive for.

I'll try to keep myself open up to you
And approve your self expression
I need that from you too
I need your confidence baby
And the gift of your extra time
In turn I'll give you mine
Sweet darling - it's a rich exchange
Seems to me - it's a warm arrangement.

Anyone will tell you
Just how hard it is
To make and keep a friend
Maybe they'll short sell you
Or maybe it's you
Judas in the end
When you just can no longer pretend
That you're getting what you need
Or you're giving out anything
For them to grow and feed on

I'll try to keep myself open up to you
It gets easier and easier to do
Just like Jericho
Let the walls come tumbling down
Falling on the ground
And all the dogs
Go running free
The wild and the gentle dogs
Kennelled in me

@1974 Crazy Crow Music BMI

I'm sure I will regret this post a few hours from now. Two tears in a bucket...


babs said...

Joni rules anyway. Blue is on permanent loop in my head for awhile now. It was a birthday gift and it's become a new fav. River is one of the songs i like a lot, which probably says a lot about me.

If you can't regret occasional posts and entries in one's journal, then you're not human. (Says your very melodramatic friend whose dreams have taken a Waking LIfe quality as of late.)

Clash is on and I want tea so night.

Trasha said...

you must hear kd lang's version of jericho and case of you from her album hymns of the 49th parallel.

xolondon said...

Thanks CUNTY BITCH! Yes actually I prefer the kd version and this post is one I did after a post about kd lang that I have not yet put up (still workin' on it). I really think her last CD was her best and that HER version of "Jericho" is the definitive one.

Meanwhile, Cunty, you look very much like another blogger! Hmmm...

Trasha said...

yes, i changed my blogger display name! tee hee hee. kd lang is my all-time favorite singer on this planet and kate bush is number 2. i was lucky enough to be able to talk to kd on her "live by request" (i requested "wash me clean"). she is my biggest influence and i basically taught myself to sing to her music. "Hymns" was only recorded in five days (which i'm sure you know, you little music hound you) and it still amazes me. it's my favorite work of hers apart from Drag. it used to be ingenue, but i really love Drag.

Trasha said...

i saw antony last night and he was amazing! wasn't into CocoRosie, but antony and the johnsons were on FIRE. highlights were "the guests", "candy says" and "i wanna dance with somebody".