September 29, 2005

It's a mini break!

I will be away in Boston for a few days, so this blog will be quiet. I get my new computer Monday night, so that problem should be resolved soon and I can go back to posting at night (because, hey, I am not paid to blog!). Ciao for now trolls!


Trasha said...

my old stomping grounds. there is a divine little indian restaurant in brookline...i think it's the only one there...if you like indian food, FIND IT! :P

ADD said...

Go have a sandwich at Darwin's in Harvard Sq. (actually, it's just off the square, but it's in Cambridge, in the general area of the Yaaaaahd). I'm a fan of the Fayerweather myself.

small squirrel said...

sigh. home sweet home.
hope you had a good time.

xolondon said...

I'm back and had a great time. More on that soon!

(ADD, I totally forgot you had lived there!! duh.)