September 15, 2005

David Gray eat my ass!

Hello trolls, I'd love to chat but I am currently engaged in battle against a copy-controlled David Gray CD and I have this battle cry:

Update: I won the battle by using a friend's stand-alone burner to make a CD and then rip that CD into my iPod. A person on the David Gray site likened this to the war on terror: for every one you kill, you create 5 more. When labels make it impossible for the average consumer to use their music as they desire, that user then may go to a P2P system to get files they can use, thus creating supply and demand on the illegal networks. Sony BMG plans on using this technology on most of their big-name CDs, so expect a revolt very soon.
Much later update: This CD killed my laptop. Seriously! More on this...

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V said...

I had a copy protection problem with my Grace Jones CD "Inside Story." Not only could I not make a copy of it, but my portable CD player wouldn't even PLAY the damn thing. However, I was able to put it on my iPod and listen to it that way.