September 16, 2005

Goldfrapp: Track 13, Number 1

Walk out into velvet
Nothing more to say
You're my favourite moment
You're my Saturday

Cos you're my number one
I'm like a dog to get you
I want it up and on
I'm like a dog to get you

The next single is a gorgeous pop song called Number 1 that will make Madonna weep over her "full English breakfast". It's a rare one for Goldfrapp: a lyric that is actually sweet. This track is by far the most commercial song Goldfrapp have ever produced and should indeed go to #1 in a perfect world. Note that the b-side of the single will be a track called Beautiful that's better than a number of album tracks.


Trasha said...

i love this song and am so happy it's their next single. i so wish beautiful made the album and that "let it take you" was a b-side.

xolondon said...

Interesting b/c "Let It Take You" is in my top 4 on the CD. I have not done a little review of it yet but I love the inhale/exhale sound of the mix and the simplicity of it. I like the strings at the end but I don't think they were necessary. It is subdued in a Felt Mountain way, but a little softer than anything on that album.

Beautiful is great because the chorus is so terrific. The verses are is a bit too much like OOh La La I suppose.

Nice blue and white btw. Are blue and white the new pink!?