September 29, 2005

Eurythmics: It ain't over.

Frothing hot Eurythmics news!

1) The greatest hits CD, Ultimate Collection, with TWO new tracks, will be released on Novermber 8. (see cute cover and tracklist below)
2) The first single off that record, I've Got A Life is one of the GREATEST SONGS THEY HAVE EVER RECORDED. Believe my hype. The video will be an homage to their past work and you can see a pic from that video shoot (and hear a snippet of the song) via
Arjan. The CD single is due on October 31 in England.
3) They are re-releasing all their CDs in special editions on November 7 or 8 along with a boxed set version. That one is called Boxed and will be out in the UK only.
4) 3 websites: Ethrill (fansite) is back up. is pending and this one is good too.
5) Isn't that a great new pic of them above? The world would be a lesser place without Annie Lennox, IMO.


V said...

LOVE that cover! And if those new editions contain the b-side "GROWN UP GRILS" I'm racing to get it!! Thanks for the news. As always :)

V said...

Ok, I meant GIRLS not GRILS. ugh!