September 4, 2005

Celine: She is so real she is beyond fake

Did any of you see Celine Dion on Larry King Live? She goes off really emotionally about the situation. As Celine sniffles and rants, Larry keeps trying to calm her down and she keeps apologizing for being so upset - she is one pissed off woman! She says, "I see those mothers over there and they are like...geez whiz!"At the end, after all this, he asks her to SING (what nerve Larry!) and she somehow manages to do a perfect snippet of her song "A Prayer" - don't know how she did it. It was all things rolled into one: cheesy, moving, nerve-wracking (she is reallllly upset and she says she has been holding it in for a week because of her son, whose name she pronounces "Renny Charles").

Here are some paraphrased quotes. I will get the real ones frm Lexis later:

"The US can go to other countries and bomb them - but we can't go to New Orleans and drop them food?"

"People are complaining about looting for food and water -- or even a TV - who cares if they take a TV??? These people have been poor all their life - let them have that ONE moment of touching what they've never had!"

Love how she says "I open my television" instead of "watch." Celine apparently has given one million dollars and this is what she said about that: "So what I gave money? ...the people are not going to see that money till three months from now. They don't care about my check! They need help now! Everybody here is giving excuses and I'm tired of it... I don't want to talk about money!"

This is not the first time there has been positive praise for Celine on The Velvet Rope (a music industry message board I read). Over the years that I have posted on there I have seen two kinds of Celine threads: 1) we hate her music and 2) she is a nice person. Over and over people have posted stories about how professional she is, how nice she is and, in a few cases, how lonely she seems.

Whether you think Kanye West's statements on NBC were inappropriate or not, we all know that there was some truth in what he was saying and that it came from a feeling of real anger and pain. I am happy to see people like he and Celine Dion say what average people are feeling. We have a President and administration that can give all the bullshit spin and inappropriate blame-the-victim posturing they want. More and more it is clear that history will be unkind to this pathetic president. As I write this, Rumsfeld is on TV congratulating everyone on the fabulous work they have done. If now is not the time for criticism, as they say, then now is not the time to say "Oh, aren't we great?" The real body count has not even begun.

The transcripts are not yet on LexisNexis, but you can watch Celine at CNN by scrolling down to Best Of TV.


Sorry to keep going off on this - I don't want to be soapboxxy. I just can't think of anything else to post!


V said...

I know what you mean. And I think it's great that some celebs. are talking this way. It's absurd how the government is handling all of this. Some of those "loots" that went on was so that some people can have some clean clothes and diapers for their babies, right? Can't blame them.

xolondon said...

Just you wait for the Bush Apologists to attack anyone with an opinion contrary Their Leader. Normal people don't mean shit.