September 6, 2005

Annie's got a life - it ain't over, it ain't over!

Eurythmics surprised everyone today by debuting their fucking fantastic new single, due in October, called "I've Got A Life." It's got a very epic opening and segues into a sort of guitarish electronic stomper that has a ragingly 70's disco middle eight. You will love it! To hear the song, go to this link and click on the Tuesday link in the purple Listen Again bar. The song comes about 37 mins in (you can fast forward to about 19:35), just after Pat Benatar. This is one of a couple of new tracks from their November hits collection, which I hope is a double C

Update: The other new song is called "Was It Just Another Love Affair'" but sadly I think the CD is only 19 songs. Here, btw, is a recent interview with her, just after Live 8. Annie blew everyone away at that concert -she really is a legend now, isn't she? - and here also is her backstage diary.


ADD said...

Off topic--I miss you too!!! I thought of you lots this weekend and of course in general. I hope the first week of class is going swimmingly. I saw Goldfrapp in Plan 9 this weekend and thought of you! xoxoxo

xolondon said...

Do you mean Nine Songs? I did not know they were in that. You saw sploob! tee hee!

ADD said...

No, Plan 9 records--a store. I should have been more specific. I saw her CD and thought of you. So much less interesting than what you imagined. I should have let the fantasy live. ;)