September 29, 2005

It's a mini break!

I will be away in Boston for a few days, so this blog will be quiet. I get my new computer Monday night, so that problem should be resolved soon and I can go back to posting at night (because, hey, I am not paid to blog!). Ciao for now trolls!

Eurythmics: It ain't over.

Frothing hot Eurythmics news!

1) The greatest hits CD, Ultimate Collection, with TWO new tracks, will be released on Novermber 8. (see cute cover and tracklist below)
2) The first single off that record, I've Got A Life is one of the GREATEST SONGS THEY HAVE EVER RECORDED. Believe my hype. The video will be an homage to their past work and you can see a pic from that video shoot (and hear a snippet of the song) via
Arjan. The CD single is due on October 31 in England.
3) They are re-releasing all their CDs in special editions on November 7 or 8 along with a boxed set version. That one is called Boxed and will be out in the UK only.
4) 3 websites: Ethrill (fansite) is back up. is pending and this one is good too.
5) Isn't that a great new pic of them above? The world would be a lesser place without Annie Lennox, IMO.


Tracklist 1. I've Got A Life 2. Love Is A Stranger 3. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) 4. Who's That Girl? 5. Right By Your Side 6. Here Comes The Rain Again 7. Would I Lie To You? 8. There Must Be An Angel 9. Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves 10. It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back) 11. When Tomorrow Comes 12. Thorn In My Side 13. The Miracle Of Love 14. Missionary Man 15. You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart 16. I Need A Man 17. I Saved The World Today 18. 17 Again 19. Was It Just Another Love Affair?

Good choices, but I would have replaced "I Need A Man" with "Don't Ask Me Why" and lopped off "The Miracle Of Love" (great though it is) in favor of "Angel".

Kate Bush: Aerial tracklist?

Kate with Trio Bulgarka (?), 1989ish

Here is the Aerial tracklist. The second disc seems sort of Ninth Wave-ish:

Part One: A Sea of Honey
1. King Of The Mountain
2. pi
3. Bertie
4. Mrs. Bartolozzi
5. How To Be Invisible
6. Joanni
7. A Coral Room

Part Two: A Sky of Honey
1. Prelude

2. Prologue
3. An Architect's Dream
4. The Painter's Link
5. Sunset
6. Aerial Tal
7. Somewhere In Between
8. Nocturn
9. Aerial

September 28, 2005

Pop lovers unite and take over

I have seen the future of pop and it arrives in two guises:
Rachel Stevens and Sugababes

More news on both shortly....

Review: XO among the Illinoisemakers (aka Sufjan)

Last night a big hand came out from the sky and swept all the peoples of DC to the left or the right. On one side were the White Stripers who went to their show at Merriweather. On the other side were the Sufjan Stevens fans (spirit fingers now!) who sold out the 9:30 Club. I chose to go with Sufjan because 1) I like him better and 2) the meek shall inherit the Earth, right?

The show was really unlike any I have seen. The band wore the costumes seen above and did "cheers" for different Illinois towns throughout the show... places like Peoria and Decatur. It was straight out of Waiting For Guffman - I kept expecting Parker Posey to appear with pom poms, doing herkies. The band even stood between songs, like the picture above, in the "ready positions" with their arms behind their backs.

It is always great to hear one of your top ten favorite songs of the year performed IN that year and, in this case, he did a much more delicate version of "Chicago" than what you hear on the CD. I would have liked for the song to open up at the end, which it didn't, but it was lovely nonetheless. The album arrangements are incredibly layered and intricate, so this was a slightly cruder, but no less energetic, approximation of those songs. I had been skeptical that the crowd (verrry young) would be quiet for this show, but there was silence during his big ballads "Casimir Pulaski Day" and the song about John Wayne Gacy. I also loved their version of the song about the wasps and Sufjan's friend - the title is too long to write!

For the encore Sufjan came out alone in jeans and black T-shirt to do some other songs. A sweet 90 minutes. He is a super talent.

She'll make the most of it...

One week until the release of Fiona Apple's new CD Extraordinary Machine. If you have not heard her last album, When The Pawn, find it now. It is a 90's classic.

Rolling Stone loves the new record (though the review is not online yet), which snotty fans have been pissing on because Jon Brion did not produce all the tracks. Apparently it is quite reworked, although you can't tell that from "O Sailor" - available in full
on her website. You can read the real story of this new record here.

UPDATE: Jason alerts me that you can listen to the whole album here:

September 27, 2005

Oh make me overrrrr

"I'm the kind of girl you wanna fuck,
but then you don't want to tell your friends."

Classic quote from Spin's wicked interview with dear, crazy ol' Courtney Love.
Here are some great
outtakes from that.

Tonight: Sufjan!

Tonight I am seeing Sufjan Stevens at the 9:30. Will try to report tomorrow.

Kate Bush single on iTunes!

Above is the Kate Bush Aerial album cover, which Devian scooped last week! Soothing, but also kind of bland. At least it is not a child's drawing. There is a tracklist on some sites, but I am not sure if it's real. If it is authentic, there are only 13 songs spread over two discs. I do believe one track "How To Be Invisible" is really on the CD. Meanwhile, the single is now on iTunes.

The picture of Kate above comes from the Cathy Book done by her brother John Carder Bush, who has taken some of the best pics of her over the years. It's all very JM Barrie...

September 26, 2005


I am actually quite calm about it because my music was on an external drive and I had backed up a lot of my files on Sept 3. I should be able to switch it out pretty quickly, but that combined with an impending trip to Boston, may mean a slowdown in posts.

As I said earlier, if you want a GREAT anti-spyware system (according to my IT guru), check into Counterspy . They offer a free two-week trial and then it's like $15 or 20 per year. It did a great job for me this week.

Update: I now think it was Sony's fucked up David Gray CD that killed my laptop...

September 24, 2005

Review: David Gray's Life In Slow Motion

The first clue that David Gray is taking a chance on his new album is his choice of producer Marius DeVries, who previously produced Rufus Wainwright's genius two-part orchestral opus Want. You don't hire Devries if you wanna do a six-string-and-voice record. He creates booming, emotional arrangements that actually bloom while you're listening to them. This is true of Life In Slow Motion, a terrific surprise following David's last album, a downer dud called New Day At Midnight.

Gray is an immaculate songwriter - there is no bullshit in his songs - no fat. While he does veer into cliche occasionally, his voice and delivery make up for it. He just has one of those warm, familiar voices. I have not heard any of his early work, but I've read that he sang in an awful, Dylan-esque growl and when his wife heard his breakthrough CD White Ladders, she told him she was happy he'd started singling properly.

David's best songs are uplifting pop tracks (Babylon - I defy anyone to hate it) or swoony ballads (This Year's Love - one of the most vulnerable, achy loves songs ever written). There's plenty of that here. I've already written positively about the bouncy new single The One I Love and there are several more instantaneous tracks on the record, especially Hospital Food and the opener, Alibi.

The best song is the blindingly brilliant Ain't No Love which features high-speed vocals (here a little bit Dylan) and amazing vocal wailing on the chorus. If you are worried you'll be bored by this album, just dowload this one song at iTunes and see for yourself.

Another standout is Now And Always a 6-minute epic with a wonderful extended coda at the end (great harmonies here and everywhere on this record). I love the repeated image: "The swans are ghosts on jet black water."

I really was not sure what to expect from David Gray- the last record was such a massive letdown. It was like fame and success froze him. He has warmed up again and made a record as good as White Ladder.

warning: this album has complex copy protection.

September 23, 2005

Joni Mitchell never lies

I am getting ready to spend next weekend with my dear friend (and her twins!) in Boston. One of her favorite Joni Mitchell songs is "Jericho," a song that slipped by me, perhaps because it's on Don Juan's Reckless Daughter, an album few people know. This is a song that teaches: Joni Mitchell excels at encapsulating the experience of relationships ("a warm arrangement") into 3 minutes.

The lyrics in darker blue are my favorites, but I love every word of this song...the final lines in particular mean a lot to me. I've noticed that I am drawn to tales of escape or release.

But you know, the situation and feelings depicted in this song are not of a life I lead. There is no real passion like this for me and I like to think that, rather than getting skittish, still and set in my ways, I am gathering up all the tools I will need to bring to a relationship when and if it finally comes.

Jericho by Joni Mitchell

I'll try to keep myself open up to you
That's a promise that I made to love
When it was new
"Just like Jericho," I said
"Let these walls come tumbling down,"
I said it like I finally found the way
To keep the good feelings alive
I said it like it was something
To strive for.

I'll try to keep myself open up to you
And approve your self expression
I need that from you too
I need your confidence baby
And the gift of your extra time
In turn I'll give you mine
Sweet darling - it's a rich exchange
Seems to me - it's a warm arrangement.

Anyone will tell you
Just how hard it is
To make and keep a friend
Maybe they'll short sell you
Or maybe it's you
Judas in the end
When you just can no longer pretend
That you're getting what you need
Or you're giving out anything
For them to grow and feed on

I'll try to keep myself open up to you
It gets easier and easier to do
Just like Jericho
Let the walls come tumbling down
Falling on the ground
And all the dogs
Go running free
The wild and the gentle dogs
Kennelled in me

@1974 Crazy Crow Music BMI

I'm sure I will regret this post a few hours from now. Two tears in a bucket...

Confessions On A Dancefloor Deets!

Details on the new MADONNER album: The record was produced almost completely by Stuart Price (aka Jaques Lucont) in his tiny apartment in London. He ROCKS! It is a solid dance album and it's sequenced so that it's a continous play, like the music in a club. The good news is that Mirwais work is kept to a minimum and that there is a co-write with Joe Henry (Don't Tell Me). The bad news is that it will be pretty damn hard to keep up the interest over 12 dance songs. Many people have poo-poo'd the single before they have heard the whole thing, but I predict it will be a HUGE hit...which songs will we be singing years from now?

1. Hung Up
This song IS Madge's melody laid right over Abba's "Gimme Gimme Gimme"
W ritten by Madonna, Stuart Price, B.Anderson, and B. Ulvaeus.
Produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.
2. Get Together
Written by Madonna, Anders Bagge and Peer Astrom.
Produced by Madonna and Stuart Price. Original production by Bagge & Peer.
3. Sorry
Written & produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.
4. Future Lovers
(rumors about a Seal sample from "Future Love Paradise")
Written and produced by Madonna and Mirwais Ahmadzai.
5. I Love New York
Written and produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.
6. Let It Will Be Nice English Madonner!
Written by Madonna, Mirwais Ahmadzai and Stuart Price.
Produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.
7. Forbidden Love Not the song from Bedtime Stories
Written and produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.
8. Jump
Written by Madonna, Joe Henry and Stuart Price
Produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.
9. How High
Written by Madonna, Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winberg and Henrik Jonback
Produced by Madonna, Bloodshy & Avant and Stuart Price.
10. Isaac
Whaddya bet it's a kabbalah song?
Written and produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.
Spoken Word by Yitzhak Sinwani
11. Push
Written and produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.
12. Like It Or Not
Written and produced by Madonna, Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winberg and Henrik Jonback.
Additional production by Stuart Price.

Review: Goldfrapp's Supernature

I reviewed Goldfrapp's Supernature in pieces. Click on this Supernature tag to see what I said about this truly amazing album.

Kate Bush: Be Kind To My Mistakes

Hearing this new Kate Bush song makes me sad in a way because I remember talking to my friend Rudy (a Kate fan) about "Eat The Music" (love the lyric, hate the song) in 1993. Poor Rudy died less than a tear later.

Anyway...Perhaps my favorite Kate song is the one below. The lyric to this is the kind that gets you through.... sorry if it doesn't read as impressively as it sounds. The song was originally released as a b-side for the "Sensual World" single, but since that time it has been released again on the Hounds Of Love remaster. Do you all know this song?

"Be Kind To My Mistakes"

It is this that brings us together
It is this that brings us together

It's alright darling, we can do this together
It's alright darling, I can think of nothing better
I don't know you, and you don't know me
It is this that brings us together

I don't know what you are looking for in me
I don't know what I want, but my heart is leading

Am I yours?
Are you mine?
We'll find all we're meant to find
In your life
In my life
There are secrets too dark
To let out
To let go of
To get over

But that's alright baby
Oh that's alright by me
Yes it's alright, now

Just let me say please, please, please
Please be kind
Be kind to my mistakes
Be kind
Be kind to me

© 1987 by Novercia, Ltd.

September 22, 2005

Off topic: This baby panda is blowing my mind

Look at him in that tub! He is so cute I want to eat him up. This city is gripped with pandamania.

Today's Goldfrapp coverage...

New interview with Alison Goldfrapp in the Sunday Herald Online.

“I do work with a stylist these days, but she works for me, I like to think. So I’ll say, ‘I want to wear a peacock’s tail on my arse, can you find someone who can make it for me?’”

Meanwhile, Will and Alison are doing another Depeche Mode mix for an upcoming DM single. Word is that Depeche think their beautiful mix of "Halo" was the best from the 3 CD remix project.

September 21, 2005

Review: Supergrass / Road To Rouen

Supergrass: Road To Rouen

In 1995 no one could have guessed that Supergrass would be one of the few survivors of Brit Pop. They have yet to make the kind of astonishingly bad music that Oasis has excelled at over the last 8 years. This new album is done not by the boys who bounced through the classic "Alright" – these are the men who did the beautifully complicated “Moving”. Road To Rouen is the sound of a group that can do anything it wants – it’s a pretty radical change for this band.

When we last heard them, Supergrass were channeling Talking Heads on the genius single “Kiss Of Life.” (Tom Tom Club even did a remix of that one). If you want to look cool in your Camero, blast that track. In 2005, they have opted for a mellow 70’s vibe. This album is all about atmospherics. Highlights include the 3-songs-in-1 opener “Tales Of Endurance,” the fantastically lazy jauntiness of new single “Low C” and the airy finale “Fin.” This is a solid mellow rock album, albeit only 30 minutes long! There are only 8 vocal tracks, but no duds among them.

Final note: one of the best album covers this year.
Buy it / sample it at

The wind is whistlinnnnnnng

King Of The Mountain hit Radio 2 today
and should hit iTunes next week...

I think it's safe to call it a grower. I don't want to ruin anyone's first impressions, but I will say it has grown on me after some initial disappointment. Be prepared for something subtle and downtempo. I particularly like the weird backing vocals that sound alternately like the wind, somebody singing over your shoulder or a bunch of old school Kate Wiccan types!

To find it, go to this linked radio show from Ken Bruce at BBC2: Fast forward 15 mins twice and 5 mins once. It comes in just after Roxy Music's "Virginia Plain". This link may not hold for very long, so do it fast!

UPDATE: Go to Kofi's Hat

September 20, 2005

Off topic: The Big Ones Will Follow

I recently came across an old article called Why Don't Donatella Versace. I thought to myself, "This woman is filled with the wisdom of the ages." Let me share some of the things Donatella suggests you do to make yourself happy and fulfilled:
  1. Consider Lycra for your next equestrian adeventure.
  2. Wear a gold python leather trench over your gym clothes.
  3. Wear a cashmere cardigan over a jeweled bikini.
  4. Install a flat-screen TV with surround sound in your bathroom so you can watch movies while soaking in a hot oil bath.
  5. Create a collection of colored diamonds. Start small, the big ones will follow.

I quite like the picture of Donatella and Mariah above. They are like two large, absurdist Muppets. Doesn't Donatella look like Janice from the Muppet Show?

This is supposed to be Tupac Shakur.

You have to hand it to Tupac's mother. She has managed to release like 10 albums of his work since his death - I think the next one will be some tapes of him hacking up some phlegm in the studio, produced with backing tracks by Dre and Snoop.

The more amazing thing is how she has recomposed history to cast him as a civil rights leader. I have no doubt that many people heard their own lives in his raps, but really...was he speaking for a whole generation? Or more importantly, was he leading a whole generation? Was he an example of how to live?

This statue looks like a 45 year old religious leader! It sits in a - cough!- Peace Garden at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center For The Arts. Jesus! What utter bullshit! It's as bad as the God Kurt Cobain crap that swirls around rock music.

Whoaaaaa Nelly! Popjustice offers this alternate Madonna cover...

What do you think? I like it! Popjustice.

XO's Eighties Update

a-ha have a new CD called Analogue on which they promise "dance music for the soul." The single is already on European radio - it's called "Celice" and it's quite good, but nothing new and not at all dancey. If you have not heard their song "Summer Moved On" (from 2000) find it now. It's on their recent singles collection.

Bananarama have a new dance CD out on October 24. It's called Drama and includes production from Brian Higgins (Sugababes, Girls Aloud, Saint Etienne). One single, "Move In My Direction," is already out and the video can be
viewed at Arjan. I am not impressed with that track and I should note that Siobhan is still not back with the group. The next single "Look On The Floor" is much better. Here is the website. Cheers then...

The new Simply Red single, "Perfect Love," is truly awful. It's a Latin track that sounds like a Ricky Martin record. Horrific. It's a teaser for Simplified, an acoustic album with rearranged hits and some covers.
More info.

Marc Almond is recovering well from his motorcycle accident in '04 - he has been recording a covers album in Manhattan with help from Antony and The Johnsons. I love how these new acts like Antony and Scissor Sisters are hooking up with their musical lineage. Marc also did a remix of "Venus" as a bonus track on the Bananarama album mentioned above.

Cyndi Lauper also must be feeling a little desperate for some sales because she is releasing a record called The Body Acoustic. She too has reinvented her songs with people like Ani DiFranco, Sarah McLachlan and... ??? Kelly Osbourne ??? Meh.

Tracy Chapman has a new album with the same sound and
same album cover. I really don't care anymore. (I have also heard on the Velvet Rope that she is not a nice person!) Howard Jones just released a new record and even Samamtha Fox (!) is releasing a new record. 80's nostalgia is out of control.

September 19, 2005


Hey trolls do you like this new picture of me? Have your way with me, bitches! Actualleeeeee I don't look so good in my bondage gear. This is really one of The Cardigans in the video for the finest named song of the year "I need some fine wine and you, you need to be nicer" I love Nina in this video - she is a great frontwoman...

Bonus freebie: a new interview with the band from Sonic Magazine

Kate Bush [I forgot to post this a few days ago]

Looking like a young Joan Collins in a shot from the
aforementioned Hounds Of Love video...

UPDATE: Take a look at this. Maybe the rumor about her son doing the album cover is true?

September 18, 2005


Kate Bush's new single King Of The Mountain will debut this Wednesday, September 21 on Ken Bruce's radio show on the Beeb. Hellz yeah!

I will post a link soon, but expect this to be all over file-sharing next week. Meanwhile, there is a rumor that one of the discs on the new album is one long song. That pic above is from the Cloudbusting video. Cute!

Oompah Loompah better than Che Guevara...

Goldfrapp: Track 1: Ooh Lala

You know I walk for days
I wanna waste some time
You wanna be so mean
You know I love to watch
I wanna love some more
It'll never be the same
A broken heel like a heart
I'll never walk again

The first single from Supernature is a track that polarizes fans: some love it and others think it's a rehash of several older Goldfrapp songs, like Strict Machine and Train. Maybe so, but it's quite strutting. It is also repetitive and goes nowhere, yet it's still catchy and stompy and probably sounds a lot better on a massive sound system. Do I sound disoriented about this one? Perhaps. Dig around on the web for the superior remix with Andy Bell doing backing vocals.

Awesome live photo courtesy of Ian from the Goldfrapp messageboard.

September 17, 2005

WWMBC: Women Who Make Bad Choices

Totally off topic, but do you know any of those women? Here are two:

Have you seen the pics of Kate Moss doing coke with Pete Doherty in his recording studio? What a fucking idiot. They are like the new Bobby and Whitney. I really hate people who are only as good as those around them. If you are like that, stay away! But really...models do coke? WHO KNEW?

Renee Zellweger! What a fucking idiot. Instead of a third date, they got married! Then they apparently proceeded to spend one month together before going off to do work in separate places? And acted sad that people were saying negative shit about them! She is not 21. And you just know she will only get thinner and more PINCHED now and demand that all her friends come to her aid'n'comfort.

Celebs: They're just like us! They're fucking fools!

September 16, 2005

Weller: Work it bitch!

That's Paul Weller at Live Aid. Here is a great fansite for Weller, filled with naughty bits. Found this link via the official messageboard.

You can hear samples from his upcoming CD at this HMV link. Dig it! "Blink And You'll Miss It" sounds great. This album seems like it will be very chompy/stompy Dadrock, but also very energized. Maybe the Wyckoff Correspondent and I should fly to London to pick it up in a store there? Do we have any backers for this? I'll get you a present...

Off topic: The Cupcake Wars

Nice painting isn't it? It's very Hopperesque. There is a hilarious and shocking story in this week's New York Magazine about the fallout between the creators of the Magnolia Bakery and it's various spinoffs, none of which are actually connected to the original, which is news to me. The Wyckoff Correspondent, The Roommate and I went to Buttercup Bakeshop this summer and, while the cupcakes tasted the same, I was unimpressed with the tacky franchisey interior. It had nothing on Magnolia in terms of atmosphere. The funny thing is that both women come across as complete bitches in this piece. Read it and weep (or laugh). I would like to add that I ate 2 cupcakes last night.

Princess Yum Yum, be sure to read this - the cupcakes in NYC sell for 1.75 - how much did you pay in Los Angeles for a cupcake?

Did you know...

That the area of American land mass damaged by Hurricane Katrina is the equivalent of the land mass of Great Britain?

Goldfrapp: Track 13, Number 1

Walk out into velvet
Nothing more to say
You're my favourite moment
You're my Saturday

Cos you're my number one
I'm like a dog to get you
I want it up and on
I'm like a dog to get you

The next single is a gorgeous pop song called Number 1 that will make Madonna weep over her "full English breakfast". It's a rare one for Goldfrapp: a lyric that is actually sweet. This track is by far the most commercial song Goldfrapp have ever produced and should indeed go to #1 in a perfect world. Note that the b-side of the single will be a track called Beautiful that's better than a number of album tracks.


New article on Imogen Heap in the Independent.

I really didn't expect to get as far as I did," she says. "My credit cards are maxed out and I owe all this money to my mortgage,
but I'm really glad I put everything on the line for this... I'm really proud that I followed this through, that I didn't give up and that it's come good. I wanted to do something, passionately, and I did it.

So buy the album and support our girl!

September 15, 2005

David Gray eat my ass!

Hello trolls, I'd love to chat but I am currently engaged in battle against a copy-controlled David Gray CD and I have this battle cry:

Update: I won the battle by using a friend's stand-alone burner to make a CD and then rip that CD into my iPod. A person on the David Gray site likened this to the war on terror: for every one you kill, you create 5 more. When labels make it impossible for the average consumer to use their music as they desire, that user then may go to a P2P system to get files they can use, thus creating supply and demand on the illegal networks. Sony BMG plans on using this technology on most of their big-name CDs, so expect a revolt very soon.
Much later update: This CD killed my laptop. Seriously! More on this...

September 14, 2005

Goldfrapp: Track 8, Koko

Sharp as teeth and stars
I can't give you up
Like a moth to light
Move like caramel
Till dawwwwwwwwwwwn
You glowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Soon be nothing
Of this world
Soon be nothing

This is my favorite song. Koko is 3:23 seconds of massive Gary Numan synths, Kate Bush falsettos, and breathy magic. It is as fucking hot a song as they have ever done. This track is like a spaceship whizzing off the landing pad into the stars. How's that?

Huh? Say what?

I was already of questionable hearing capacity. Now it will get worse. Read Wired's article called Young People With Old Ears. Key quote: "It's becoming more of a full-day listening experience, as opposed to just when you're jogging." How true!

September 13, 2005

Part Two of Empty World's interview with Depeche Mode producer Ben Hillier is up now. Here is a bit:

"That was actually one of the things I worried about going into the project, whether Martin had found his "pop shoes" again. That's the thing I've always loved about Depeche. Because they do pop in a way a lot of people can't. They can be very intelligent. It's extremely good, clever, intelligent pop music, which I love. "

Goldfrapp: Track 3, Ride A White Horse

I like dancing
At the disco
I want blisters
You're my leader

I wanna ride on a white horse
I want to ride on a white horse

Oh I love this feeling feels like
Oh I love this feeling feels like
Real leather

This song, a SLAMMING dance track called Ride A White Horse, is Marlene Dietrich meets Grace Jones meet Alicia Bridges meets Devo. Or all of the above at a Studio 54 balcony orgy?

Madonna everywhere


She's been everywhere these past few days. Above she is at the Toronto premiere of Mr. Madonna's new gangster movie (what else?) Revolver. Below she is seen in London carrying around the album art for her upcoming record! Tease. I love how she always looks like she is walking along alone in these pics when you know she has at least one menacing body guard just out of picture range.

September 12, 2005

Goldfrapp: Track 10, Satin Chic

You're so satin chic
Look rich talking cheap
On your telephone...

This track, Satin Chic, strangely reminds me of Farrell's Ice Cream/Candy Parlour. For anyone over about 30, if you get that reference, say "yah!" now. You can really hear it in the chorus: it evokes, to me, a player piano. Very The Entertainer. Now all we need is Alison in a straw hat, sucking on a large lolly from the candy shop.

this is the first of several track reviews...okay, buy the CD now, you punks

Precious and fragile things need special handling

Lots of Depeche Mode news:

The fan site Empty World has this excellent interview with Ben Hillier the producer of Playing The Angel. He says that 3 of the b-sides will be full vocal tracks, unlike with recent albums.

See their the now-completed new video which is so CG that I didn't bother to finish watching it. Meh. I don't like videos where everything is fake but the person. Seems cheap.

Finally, get full "deets" on the new single, Precious. Hiller has this to say about the b-side Free: Free is quite a driving, up-tempo track. I really like Free, it's got some great vintage synth sounds on it... it's a real analogue treat that one... (laughs) And uhm... that's a really good track...

If you enlarge the pic above, it becomes a wallpaper. How value added.

Lloyd Cole's in need of sleep!

Read Kofi's Hat's post about Lloyd Cole which has a link to Lloyd's studio diary for his new album.

Could the picture above be any worse? He looks like the Unibomber. I hope this was caught hours after waking up, or it doesn't bode well for what might happen to us all in our 40's. I prefer to think of Lloyd as he is depicted below. Click to enlarge piccies for full horror/splendor.

Please also note the special attraction of the Kofi post: a full MP3 link to Lloyd's cover of the brilliant Human League / Jam & Lewis track "Human" - you know, "While we were apahht I was human too." It's weird and flattens the melody a bit, but it's a must-hear for fans.

September 11, 2005

Who do you really love Tom?

freaky isn't it? This pic has been going around the Internet.

Beyonce and The Supremes?

The new Destiny's Child song Stand Up For Love sounds just like a Diana Ross & The Supremes ballad. Could be a hit given the hurricane drama. Hear it at AOL.

The crowd all love pulling Dolly by the hair...

Duran Duran DVD / Live From London / Out on Oct 25!
Full details here - it will include a CD and a 3D track. Watch them on Fashion Rocks here.

DVD track list: “(Reach Up for the) Sunrise” “Hungry Like the Wolf” “Is There Something I Should Know” “Union of the Snake” “Come Undone” “A View to a Kill” “What Happens Tomorrow” “The Chauffeur” “Planet Earth” “I Don't Want Your Love” “New Religion” “Ordinary World” “Waiting for the Night Boat” “Save a Prayer” “Notorious” “The Reflex” “Careless Memories” “Wild Boys” “Girls on Film” “Rio”

Bonus CD track list: “(Reach Up for the) Sunrise” “Hungry Like the Wolf” “Planet Earth” “Ordinary World” “Save a Prayer” “Notorious” “Careless Memories” “Wild Boys” “Girls on Film” “Rio”

Musing on MTV's React Now

We stumbled onto this endless MTV concert for Katrina. Some "blogging" as we watch...

The Roommate says she thinks that Johnny Rzeznik* of fading 90's band Googoo Dolls looks like a cross between Diane Lane and an aged Mickey Rourke. I think he looks like a glammed up Anne Murray. He has nice highlighted hair, earrings and necklace. He's wearing a black "shell" with a blazer on top. Really, he is a pretty woman.

We were earlier trying to figure out if Emmylou Harris has been pulled. It doesn't seem very Emmylou to get plastic surgery, but she's superfresh tonight. I liked the first few minutes of her song with Neil Young, but then it got a bit repetitive.

Omigod! Didn't the bottle blond guy from Motley Crue have a reality show where he lost weight and had plastic surgery? He looks like the same fat wino fuck as always - and he cannot sing compared to the Linkin Park dude, who loooks like a computer geek, doesn't he? I have a feelng he is a nice person. Chester, I mean, not Vince!

Jewel! What the fuck happened to her - has she moved back into that damned van? Anyway, she looks a little older, but is shocking beautiful despite the snaggle tooth. Her song bores the shit out of me though.

There is very little new stuff for these people to say. You can't believe the amount of water and the smell, etc etc etc. The MTV News girl Suchin (?) is riding around the streets of N.O. in a rescue boat, wearing a fuschia ttity top. Dumb bitch. How can you sit there and cry over the humanity in a fuschia titty top?

Usher looks bloated. Just sayin' - he's got ugly mug for pecs'n'pop star, doncha think?

Secret revealed: I think the Alan Jackson song "Rainy Day In June" has been one of the better performances. He came on, I liked his voice, and then I sat there in horror thinking he was that right wing asshole Toby Keith. He wasn't!

And please, Sheryl Crow, go home and ride your yellow bike.

Oh, look Red Hot Chili Peppers! I hate this bridge song. I would rawwwther hear "I want to party on your pussayyy babaayyyyyy." Anthony has lady hair too... Maybe if he bangs Anne Murray* from earlier ON LIVE TV I will send in some money. Nice Kanye West t-shirt btw!

How much is The Game's watch worth? Enough to rent housing for ten families for one month, I'd guess?I don't really know who he is, but I assume he is associated with Eminem, who just called in from rehab! Anyway, the Game mentioned Alliyah just now, so how long until a Notorious B.I.G. reference? THERE IT WAS! "Like Big said.."

Macca is on now. He is plugging his new single here! Oh my. Melissa Etheridge WROTE a song for the show, Paul! If Linda were alive, you just know she'd be there playing tambourine (and that is not a slam. I like Linda McCartney.)

Dave Matthews is doing my guilty pleasure song "Stayyyyyyyyy beauuutifulllll babeeeee" and it sounds just like the recorded version. He is in somewhere like Kansas. MTV really had to fan out the camera crews for this show. [this si long - time passes like a dozen transatlantic flights.] Okay DMB is going crazy now.

They always end each song on these shows with dramatic silence. I love how the Madden boy (is he the one that is Mr. Hilary Duff or the one with pimples? I vote for the latter!) - the boy from Good Charlotte is giving us a speech. Does it make me old to say all these singers sound alike to me.

Chris Cornell and Gary Dourdan from CSI are actually the same man. They have never been seen together.

Ohmygahh Fiona Apple has come out of retirement for this! This song "Extraordinary Machine" is cute and tinpanalleyish. It's sort of classic Fiona self-deprecation. Good for her. She looks good - no longer such a will of the wisp. (and she is hitting some high ass notes!)

Trent Reznor is a 'roid queen! I would never have known that was him. He looks like a meathead guy from a NY gym. A Chelsea gym, but a gym nonetheless. I guess he is too major to sing, if that's what he calls it.

Okay I am worn out. One more song and then I am off to bed.