July 20, 2005

URGENT: Depeche single

Torr is linking out to an MP3 of the new Depeche single "Precious" - it's quite nice and really is reminiscent of "Enjoy The Silence." Act fast!


V said...

Many thanks for the link!!!

Just listened to it and I'm very impressed. Love it!

Can't wait for the album to come out. It'll be a long time since I've anticipated an album release.

xolondon said...

And thanks to Torr for that link. Reaction seems to be mixed, but I dig it and I suspect it may be a grower. Do I recall that this a Dave Gahan composition?

Glad to "see" you excited by some new music!! Are you interested in the new Andy Bell?

V said...

Andy Bell? As in solo? I haven't heard though I did love BREATHE.

Speaking of new stuff coming out, I just got a message that Marc Almond is going to release an album of cover tunes. Mostly ballads and torch songs. So I'm up for that!