July 17, 2005

URGENT! Depeche Mode news!

Read here about 7 new songs from the upcoming Depeche Mode album Playing The Angel, out on October 17. It's described as dark, industrial and a lustful punch. I. Cannot. Wait. For. It. The new single is called "Precious" (?!) and is due Oct. 10.

PS: I just recently discovered another great DM song - from the last CD - "Freelove" - find it!


V said...

..And they're actually going to tour like.. right away.

I would say "freelove" is the best track from their last CD.

Thanks for the update! Can't wait for some new DM material.

Anonymous said...

I have always loved Depeche Mode but I am feeling a tad cynical: is this happening because Dave Gahan's solo career was a non-starter on so many levels, or was the band always intending to get back together? x

xolondon said...

Did you just blow me a kiss? lol I am not so cynical. I think they know their power is together (plus I think Martin is too much of a stickler to work with anyone else). I have not stopped liking them - I preferred Exciter over Ultra and I have high hopes for this. Be sure to see their DVD for the last tour's live show in Paris. It is unfuckingbelievable.