July 19, 2005

This shit is vaginas! V-A-G-I-N-A-S!

Did I forget to mention that Bitchin' Gwen has a new CD coming out this Fall? Part 2 to her last CD, it will be a record of cheerleader and marching band songs recorded in the stadium at Pepperdine "Home of The Battle Of The Network Stars" University. I think.

What? Huh? What you say, mate? That is Madonna above? Why, it looks like Bitchin' Gwen! Do you think Madge-donna stole her look from Gwen?


Anonymous said...

Pepperdine U., now home to Ken Starr, dean of their Law School. According to this picture, is there any more scenic place to study law? http://law.pepperdine.edu/
His faculty bio does not mention his involvement with the farce that was the Clinton/Lewinsky investigation.

xolondon said...

It's gorgeous! Maybe they are hiring librarians? I'll check now!

diegosalinas AT gmail DOT com said...

I would say the other way around considering that pic of Madonna is from 1986 from the stinker movie, Shanghai Surprise.

xolondon said...

I know - it was just a joke! ;)

diegosalinas AT gmail DOT com said...

:) I know...just that Madge gets so slagged nowadays by so many people. Funny though that today's poptarts pay homage to her in one way or another.
Gwen rocks though.