July 12, 2005

New Music: Leela James

“Can we just put the thongs away and fall back in love with the music?” - Leela James

Pop soul's deathknell continues to sound, but Leela James is a new singer who's worthy of your attention. I particulalry like her new song "Music" which you can hear in full on her website. Her album features tracks donw with Raphael Saadiq and Kanye West among others. There is even a cover of No Doubt's "Don't Speak". She also features some wicked hair, doesn't she?

Hear samples at Amazon

BTW, if you like this new soul, my record industry correspondent, prone to liking music like Sloan, Wilco and Luna is recommending Ricky Fante.


V said...

Time passes so fast. "Don't Speak" came out almost 10 years ago. And I still refer to it as a recent recording.

xolondon said...

"Hush hush babayy"!!