July 5, 2005

More on Sujan Stevens, due out TODAY, July 5

Download the CD from iTunes (note that all of his work is now on iTunes)
Download the EXCELLENT "Chicago" from iTunes.
Illinoise promo kit
Sufjan's eerie new song about John Wayne Gacy Jr. (free MP3) (umm, this is major. listen!)

If you buy the album today you can get the cover with Superman. There is a legal battle about this, so when Sufjan becomes a major star, this cover will be rare. Just sayin'...


xolondon said...

comment test

Tim said...

He's cute, that's all I can say.

Hey, heard the new Franz Ferdinand yet?

xolondon said...

Is there a new Franz Ferdinand song?

Tim said...


"Franz Ferdinand is about a week away from locking down the final track for its sophomore album, which will be released Oct. 4 by Domino/Epic."

And more, too. I saw this in the NY Times last week, but it's an AP story to a lot of papers picked it up.

xolondon said...

cool! Thanks for the info!