July 26, 2005

Madonna and her Mens

Exhibit A: Madonna producing Nick Kamen, 1986

Exhibit B: Madonna and her dancer Mirhan, 2004

Exhibit C: Madonna and Jellybean, 1984

I knew that new pic in the middle reminded me of something. Madonna has always incorporated her life into her work, so now she seems to be picking backing dancers based on how much they look like her ex-boyfriends (which I suppose translates into "Hmmm. Would I like to fuck them?"). Notice how Jellybean is wearing her clothes... which also appear in the Nick Kamen pic? Whipped! And Jellybean must be lawn jockey size! Anyway, doesn't she look kind of like an older Uppear East Side lady in that recent pic, with her young lover?

Meanwhile, Madgedonna's new single is called Hung Up and it was produced by Stuart Price. He is most excellent - he did the remixes of Bitchin' Gwen's WYWF and also Killers' Mr. Brightside (he is Jacques LuCont).

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