July 19, 2005

David Gray's new song is VERY GOOD!

After a shitty followup to his epic late 90's album White Ladder, David Gray has released a new single called "The One I Love" - the dull title belies a terrific, swoony love song (remember "This Year's Love"? It's almost that good!) and you can hear it by going to this radio website and looking for the little David piccie on the bottom left. Then click to hear the song, but be patient, it takes a few tries.

White Ladder remains Ireland's Thriller: the biggest selling CD of all time there. Thank God it's worthy! The new album Life In Slow Motion is due in September (thank you for none of this July single/November release shite!). The fact that is produced by Marius Devries bodes really well. People on his messageboard are being typically assheaded about overproduction, etc, but please, the last record had no melodies and no pulse. Bring it on, David! Read more here.

Note in that article that he apparently holds a Donna Summeresque 20-second note on one of the songs!

picture courtesy of Boston Girl Guide

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