July 15, 2005

Alison Goldfrapp #2: I need ooh la la la la!

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Check out this great Gogo interview with Alison and Will from Goldfrapp. Here is Alison's funny comment on Coldplay:

So, what do you think of Coldplay?
I think they're very fucking good at writing tunes. But I watched Top of the Pops the other day - I quite like watching Top of the Pops - but I thought I must be watching an old Top of the Pops. Coldplay were playing their new single, and I genuinely thought I knew the song, that it couldn't possibly be from the new album because it's almost identical to older tracks.

This in an intriguing comment considering their new single "Ooh Lala" sounds almost identical to a song or two from their last CD, but I shan't complain. I LOVE THEM.

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Taiyo85 said...

Ooh la la is just some kind of bridge between black cherry and supernature, just like "from out of this world" is a bridge between felt mountain and this last album... and YES I LUV THEM ALSO LOL