June 29, 2005

When I started this blog I was doing it for myself: I wrote it for about 6 weeks before I told anyone it even existed! I named it off the cuff, just to get a name in there. I have NEVER liked Musicquarium - it's uberdorky and a wee bit Stevie Wonder.

So I'm changin' the name. Why Middle Eight? Because I've noticed a tendency in myself to be drawn to the bridges of songs - a bridge is also known as the middle eight. They're like songs within the songs. If you read my reviews, I'll frequently fawn over them. A great song will almost always have a strong middle eight. And no, trolls, it is not my shoe size.

By the way, the signature "I was brought up to the sound of the synthesizer" comes from the chorus of Black Box Recorder's brilliant song "Andrew Ridgeley."

I reserve the right to change it back if I decide I don't like it. I'm fickle that way.

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