June 20, 2005

There's a river in my head

Usually, when it happens, you have a crap song stuck on a loop in your brain. Tonight I have a good one:

The days roll by like thunder
like a storm that's never breaking
all my time and space compressed
in the low pressure of proceedings

and they beat against the sides of my life
like fists against the sides of my life

and the roads all lead behind me,
so I wrap the wheel around me
and I go out.

- Everything But The Girl, Five Fathoms


V said...


I have but one album of theirs. On vinyl. The one with Native Land. The album didn't have a title. I liked it cause it seemed so "Manchester" and I don't even know if that's where they're from. Don't know why I've never sampled their other stuff.

Probably cause they made such a hit with that ONE SONG. Did they change a lot after that?

I love those lyrics though. Makes me wanna get more into them.

xolondon said...

My God! Yes, they went through a jazz phase and then became a more cutting edge band in around 1994. Total change. You might like their album called Walking Wounded. It is melodic but very contemporary.

V said...

So at lunch break today, I walked into Borders and to check out the EBTG Cds. I saw "Walking Wounded" for $10.00. Then I said to myself "Wait a minute, I HAVE this CD"

So I must go and re-discover this CD. I must've been in another place (in the head) when I bought this CD and probably put it away after listening to it once.

Thanks for mentioning it!