June 28, 2005

One man's Garbage

Garbage has several new videos out and Shirley Manson is hawt in each of them. I particularly like the night nurse fantasy in Bleed Like Me (pics above and below). Watch for her waist cinched into that tight corset! Why does this woman complain about her looks?! She is perfect in this video, despite it being a strange choice for a single. Watch it

Other Garbage videos from the new CD:
(see them at the first red link below)

Why Do You Love Me: Watch for the moment at 1:35 with the chocolates.

Sex Is Not The Enemy: The arrest part shot at 9:30 Club here in DC.

Great Garbage Fansite with videos and pics:

Official Garbage site media stuff:

Below is a recent live shot of Shirl. Don't you love her? I am not totally sold on the new album, but I think she is a dream frontperson - a combination of smart, tough, uncensored, playful and goodlooking in an unique, uncompromising way.

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The Dancing Kids said...

you know, I have been listening to that song for a while now and didn't know who it was! It sounds like it could be a bside from liz phair's first album.