June 14, 2005

My thoughts on Revenge Of The Sith

this picture seems like a joke doesn't it?

Reasons to like the new Star Wars movie:
1) All things Obi Wan Kenobi / Ewan M.
2) That General Grievous thing that hacked a lot
3) Hayden finally getting it good on the lava planet
4) Well done scenes where Order 66 is executed
5) Nathalie's momentary elevation of the movie to intelligent with this rare gem of a line: "So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause." Ummm-hmmmm.
6) Leaping from #5, the Bush Admin/Iraq parallels in the movie
7) Yoda/Sidious battle - Kenobi/Anakin battle (but shouldn't they have been sweating more?)
8) How Yoda looked like Jasper in moments of that battle scene.

Reasons to dislike/be ambivalent about the new Star Wars movie:
1) Hayden Christiansen
2) Whatsisname Ian McD going from serious actor as Palpatine to freakish b-movie monster as Darth Sidious
3) The general misuse of Nathalie Portman, including horrible marriage dialog and constant staring out of windows
4) I thought it could have used one more space battle
5) Hayden Christiansen

1 comment:

Tim said...

Poor Hayden has the acting chops of a wet sock.

But oh my, that body. When he got out of Natalie Portman's bed (didn't he seem to rush out of bed a bit quick? hon, come into my arms), Little Timmy stood right up like a lightsaber.