June 17, 2005

Gawker alert

Although she is likely to run you over in her SUV, Lizzie Grubman has lots to say about TOMnKATIE today on Gawker.

Be sure to also check out their piece on Chris Noth riding the subway in slippers, looking like shit.

Finally, read their most recent Gawker Stalker, a bit I love to read for restaurant recommendations! A few tidbits: Sarah Jessica Paker is nice, Clive Owen has serious "man boobies" (manmarries?), Joan Rivers drops off a urine sample at the gyno, and Rufus Wainwright wears Jackie O sunglasses. I would like to add that I saw mega supermodel Gemma Ward coming out of Other Music when I was in NYC a few weeks ago. I am gooood at spotting celebs out of their normal habitats.


V said...

Did you check out "OTHER MUSIC?" when you were there?

Next time you come (and if we get a chance to hang out), I'll take you to "SOUNDS" which where I buy most of my music from, since my high school days. It's on St. Marks place.

xolondon said...

I did not go to Other Music this time, we were just cutting across town. But I have been - and yes, I will go to Sounds. Thanks!

The Dancing Kids said...