June 22, 2005

Game #1

This is what we call the Ass Game and it will provide endless hours of amusement via phone or in front of pitchers of beer/margaritas: Take a favorite artist and replace the last word of any song title with the word ASS. Now, beware, some artists are better than others: I have found that Peter Gabriel is one of the finest pawns in this game and I suspect he created these song titles just for my ASS amusement. To whit:

Shock the Ass
Don't Give Ass
Games Without Ass
Big Ass

Blood of Ass
Washing Of The Ass

Red Ass
Shaking The Ass
Here Comes the Ass
In Your Ass

and my personal favorite:
Digging in the Ass


Tim said...

A friend of mine was a music major in college; he played the organ. Although not a Christian, he played for a huge church in Seattle.

His favorite game was "Between the Sheets." You stuck that phrase on the end of any number of hymns to see what you could get. For example:

As the Hart Pants for the Water (Between the Sheets)

Rock of Ages (Between the Sheets)

Lift High the Cross (Between the Sheets)

He Touched Me (Between the Sheets)

I thought this was hysterical (after four beers).

The Dancing Kids said...

You will also find this game in the book "Bachelor Boys" by The Young Ones -- only they sub the word "fart" -- and then provide a list such as

"Boys Don't Fart" by the Cure
"Light My Fart" by the Doors
"Let's Fart" by David Bowie