May 5, 2005

Why the Bravery sucks

Because the lead singer Sam Endicott lies about his age, which is the most pussy-wussy thing a rocker dude can do. He has skimmed several years off - he graduated in 1992 from Georgetown Day School. That would make him about 32, not in his mid-twenties. I also don't like the increasingly rapid ascent these new ripoff 80's bands are making. It doesn't bode well for music (or for stupid Sam Endicott). The whole thing stinks of FAUX.

Did you know that The Strokes have not sold a million of either of their CDs? Interpol has not even got gold (500,000) on either of theirs. Talk about hype versus cash! How much was spent to promote these guys? Interestingly, Killers and Franz Ferdinand have already gone platinum. Read all about it in a recent Bravery story in New York Magazine. It's interesting even if, like me, you have no desire to follow the Bravery.

Meanwhile Oasis is slagging all these bands as a means of promoting their sure-to-be-shite new CD (try it here while the link lasts). The single called "Lyla" is atrocious and belongs in the crapper. This band really shot their load, so to speak, ten years ago. Just sayin'... UPDATE: I heard the record and it's not as terrible as I would have thought; it is also surprisingly midtempo. Try "Part Of The Queue" for a decent track.


Jason said...

Actually that would make him 31. I graduated in 1991 and I'm still 31 (though young from my class). I'm told I can play anywhere from 24 to 35, incidentally :)

Anonymous said...

I was walking past the magazine rack today, when I spotted the latest Blender. There on the front cover this was importantly written:

The Killers vs. The Bravery

I thought for a minute, and decided that I hope they both kill each other in that rivalry-giving us two less derivative bands to worry with.

Anonymous said...

bravery are an amazing band. i went to high school with Sam. he's a genuine guy and u posers are all jealous.