May 29, 2005

Review: Goldfrapp's Felt Mountain

A few months ago I received in the mail a special edition of Felt Mountain, the very first Goldfrapp CD from 2001. It's completely different from Black Cherry, but it has the same elegance and modernity. The influences here are primarily stuff like John Barry (James Bond music), Shirley Bassey ("Goldfinguhhh!"). Songs like Pilots On A Star are serene and beautiful. Total sex music (sweet calm sex, that is).

Horse Tears weaves a tinkly, errie ribbon into a generally romantic song that evokes 60's and 70's film scores. Note that this creepy element comes to life more prominently in the non-album Stare Mesto remix of Lovely Head which takes its inspiration from 70's Italian horror film music. Ubercool stuff!

The special edition is worth getting just for the fucking amazing version of ONJ's Physical - they make it into totally sleek night driving music. Goldfrapp cleverly asked Calexico to not only remix one song, but perform it on their own CD. Genius!

Felt Mountain is the perfect album for bedtime; it has none of crackly crunch of it's successor. It's the best aural I have had in a while. Hear samples of most of these tracks on this
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ROENTGEN said...

Supernature will be gooooorgous! Hope you heared the full track 01 "Ooh La La" already.

Well, excactly: Felt Mountain is totally different in style - but there isn't a clear border between Felt Mountain and Black Cherry. The more you hear both, the foggier the border gets :-)

Cheers to Goldfrapp