May 10, 2005

Way off-topic: Catshit investigations

I haven't posted much in the past few days because I was having Pet Drama at my house. Jasper (looking typically alarmed above), started throwing up on Sunday and couldn't seem to keep new food down. He behaved normally, so we didn't think anything of it until my roommate said something that made me remember I'd tied a piece of ribbon to my desk for him to play with and that ribbon was now missing! Could he have eaten an 18-inch ribbon? This is very dangerous for cats, so I barely slept on Sunday night and kept waking up to see if he was a) still alive and b) bleeding to death (hey, you know how your brain works at night).

I took him to the vet on Monday morning and $250 later we knew nothing for sure. They couldn't see a blockage on the x-rays, so Jasper went on a fast and last night had a tiny bit of special wet food - no vomiting, which is good. All seemed well this morning as I got ready for work. He drooled out the medicine I gave him and rolled around on the floor being needy. All normal.

A few minutes later we noticed him go into the catbox and then he came barreling out. When I went into the living room he was dragging his ass all around the carpet. Great. Roommate held him down and I used wet paper towels to gently pull at the gobs of poo stuck to his ass. I see ribbon, I said! Fortunately none of it was still inside him, as you can't pull on that. The roommate then said, "Maybe you should inspect it!" Yeah, maybe I should. So I set up a CSI lab with wet paper towels and picked apart the poo! Sure enough there was 18 inches of balled-up ribbon. How did he eat all this and how did it get through him in one mass?

Roommate is taking him to the vet this morning for a followup and I remain convinced that cat shit is still on my hands. Once that scent gets anywhere near you, it's hard to get rid of. You could slather my hands in fucking rose milk and I would just smell catshit-scented rose milk.


The Dancing Kids said...

I love this story. This reminds me of when I had to inspect both dog's poop to see which one was The Christmas Light Wire Culprit.

(both were)

xolondon said...

That is so Agatha Christie-esque. "Who did it? They ALL did!" I guess all "parents" end up with poop covered hands eventually.

I have just heard that if you have a scent lingering on your hands, run them on stainless steel (under running water) and the scent will be gone. Works great for chopping onions.