May 5, 2005

Rob Thomas is the fifth horseman...

...of the apocalypse. I am here to issue a warning about his hideous new Target commerical, the one that has black and white images of him that look like a tacky old Olan Mills photo. The type of photo your parents had done of you at 4 years old, where your torso was floating as a small image inside your neck? The visuals are set to that nasty "I don't wanna be lonely no more" song, the most insidious Rob Thomas song since "Smooth" or...any other Matchbox 20 song. Everytime I see this commercial my face peels off and worms ooze out.

For any Matchbox fans, you need better taste. BUT I do like that "baby it's time to come home" song. Don't tell anyone.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how some of the freeze frames have him with his mouth hanging open and vacant stares? It is the worst ad I've seen in a while. He must be pissed about how bad he looks. Ry says he looks like he is channeling Lance Armstrong and Enrique Iglesios.