May 23, 2005

Review: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, "Cold Roses"

Urgh. Why can't Ryan Adams release one perfect, concise album? It would improve his standing tenfold. He just doesn't learn from his mistakes. To be honest, I already sold this album for very close to what I paid for it. I may eventually regret it, but I burned the songs I liked best (see below). It's a double CD that doesn't need to be - it's not that long. Still, it has great packaging, like an old album from the 70's, and a cheap list price. What's not so hot is the amount of filler on Cold Roses.

There is some great stuff here - the single "Let It Ride" and the achy ballad "How Do You Keep Love Alive" (what will Parker say?!). One track, "Meadowlake Street," starts out simply and then build and builds to a beautiful wall of sound that gives me chills. "When Will You Come Back Home" sounds like it has been around for years and that's a good thing, in this case anyway. BUT please, there are quite a number of lame songs here, so I have decided to edit it into the Xolondon mix, which looks like this:

Ryan Adams And The Cardinals: Cold Roses

1. Magnolia Mountain
2. Let It Ride
3. Meadowlake Street
4. How Do You Keep Love Alive
5. Cold Roses
6. When Will You Come Back Home?
7. Now That You're Gone
8. Sweet Illusions
9. Blossom
10. Cherry Lane
11. Friends

See my review (below) of Ryan live in DC.

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Anonymous said...

May I request a copy of your Ryan Adams mix? :)