May 19, 2005

Off-topic: Spy-mommy returns


I could literally create a whole blog devoted to the greatness of Lena Olin. She finally appeared again on Alias last night as Irina Derevko - what's the rumor? they gave L.O. a gold Caddy as a bonus? - and the show was immediately elevated by her presence. Her entrance, with the camera panning up her legs as she walked into a party, was worthy of her uber-lusciousness. The great picture above (click to blow it up) is from the moment after a passionate reunion with Jack Bristow, when he seals the kiss with a hole in her head. We watch as her smiling face sinks underwater, little air bubbles coming out of the gunshot wound! Of course, we now know (or think) it was a fake Irina and that the real one is ALIVE.

The question is: how long will Irina last? Because a two-episode appearance is like great sex once every 10 years: you spend the next 9 thinking about what you're missing.

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ADD said...

Man, the long hiatus last fall was worth it. This show kicks serious ass. The whole sub-thing of Vaughn asking Spy Daddy's blessing and then his aborted attempts at proposing (and the final misty-eyed question popping) were awesome, too. I love that in the midst of his heartfelt declarations Sydney says "Vaughn!" instead of "Michael!" Heh.

Tim said...

Best Lena Olin ever, IMHO?

"Polish Wedding," with Gabriel Byrne and Claire Danes. Watch for an almost unrecognizable Daniel Lapaine (the hunky swimmer in "Muriel's Wedding"). And Adam Trese is outstanding (and hot) as Russell, Danes' Italian lover.

A really superb movie. One of the first DVDs I ever purchases, it's that good and I wanted to see it over and over that badly.