May 26, 2005

The Irina Derevko Variety Hour

If I ever meet Lena Olin, assuming I don't pass out or go dry-mouthed, I will surely call her Irina Derevko and say something assinine like, "I love Irina Derevko! As a child I used to dress like Irina Dreveko! I stole Barbies and turned them into Irina Derevko!"

Pretty good Alias finale last night, despite the lawsuit-worthy theft of the 28 Days Later plot and look. I just wish that wan Nadia had been shredded limb by limb by the Russian zombies. So now the question is will Sydney end up in a hospital bed for say... 9 months? And will Michael Vaughan's actual name be...Ben?

PS: For Lost watchers, I literally got chills when those old men in the boat said they were taking the kid! Eeeeeesh!


The Dancing Kids said...

omg my friend, you make me laugh out loud.

and you KNOW that Lena Olin would WRAP you in her SHAWL, spin you around and say in that low throaty voice -- weeeellll steve, that's why we are putting out a boxed set of Alias - for fans like you.

Then she would give you a gentle kiss on your forehead and touch your cheek as she moved away into the fog, never losing eye contact with you as she fades away...

xolondon said...

I love your post. No one will get it. Cest la vie!