May 25, 2005

"Here is where the sky is blue!"

An era has ended and I am very sad about it. Ismael Merchant of Merchant Ivory has died in London. He is responsible, along with James Ivory, for some of the best movies of the past 25 years, including Room With A View and Howard's End. Even the bad ones he produced have something that makes them worthy. At least we have one more coming soon, The White Countess, which was filming in Shanghai when I was there in November.


ADD said...

I'm definitely very sad about this as well, as are many of my college girlfriends whose sexual awakening can be traced in no small part to Julian Sands in ARWAV. But, when I sent you the story I almost quipped something about "How will Helena Bonham-Carter get work now?" and then I remembered how she is currently shacked up with Tim Burton and is probably OK for jobs until she tires of him and steals another woman's husband AGAIN.


*Ahem* I mean, RIP, Ismail.

The Dancing Kids said...

i look so young in that picture.

god bless him, he was fantastic.

xolondon said...

In your dreams sister! :)

And ADD, thou shalt not speak ill of HBC on this blog. And by the way, Branagh was rumored to be an asshole womanizer before HBC.