May 3, 2005

The face of true happiness, twinned.

On Monday I skipped work to hang with my cool (and short) friends Noah (l) and Gabriel (r) at the National Zoo. They were thrilled to find that their lunch combo trays turned into little panda lunchboxes. My older friend explained that children have a serious affection for carrying any sort of box that holds items inside... they will not. let. go. of. them.

Quite frankly, I would much rather carry twins around on my hips, pretending they are my kids, than go to work. What we saw: an elephant get a bath, a camera-friendly giraffe, sleepy pandas, hideous lazy reptiles, strawberry blond monkeys, freakin' noisy gibbons, lions, tigers, no bears, a zebra or two, and a potentially-dead underwater hippo (hey, it's the National Zoo, what do you expect?). I also gawked at the very large amount of children and babies, a culture I am not used to!

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V said...

I LOVE the zoo. I'm panning on doing that when the weather gets warmer here. Cute kids!

small squirrel said...

sooooooooooo. daaaaaaaaaamned. cuuuuuuuuuuute!


I want a panda lunchbox!

ADD said...

The cuteness? Overwhelming. Seriously, it hurts.

Lucky duck...what a great day off!

babs said...

The cuteness is overwhelming. I completely thought you meant twins in the other way. You know, like the Tartleton twins from Gone With the Wind. That so saddens me that that was my first thought.