April 20, 2005

The spirit of Edun

Have you been following the fact that Bono now has a fashion label? Before you roll your eyes and wretch, know that this one is not in the Poop Daddy vein. It's "fair fashion" so to speak - clothes designed by an American (Rogan Gregory, above) and made in North Africa, Lesotho and Peru, organically, with benefits going to the suppliers (versus a sweatshop type of thing). It's designed to put business into Africa, creating self-suffiency and entrepreneurship versus simple charity. The project is headed by Bono's wife Ali Hewson.

Take a look at Edun's website. Edun is nude spelled backward, by the way! The logo and the associated feel of the clothes is very art nouveau, apparently inspired by a house in County Wicklow called Luggala, which you can rent. A lot of the clothing has poetry written on it and much of it is wispy. It's being sold at Saks (run Joanna, run!) and Barney's- and its prices range from $45 to $300.

Note that under the Edun media link you can watch a 6-minute film about the company and how it came to be. You DO actually hear Ali Hewson speak in the film and she doesn't sound like I expected. She's a bit of a mystery girl, isn't she? I thought she would have a deep voice, but she doesn't - it's a delicate Irish lilt. And she's really beautiful.

PS: It's stories like this that make me hate that bitch Jennifer Lopez and her skeevy money-whore lifestyle all the more. Keepn' it real in her Harlem video, in a fur with the pelts of dead baby animals sewn all over it. Just sayin'

Update: There is a second production line called Edun Alive that is doing the concetr t-shorts for the U2 tour. So if you go to see U2, be sure to buy a t-shirt and support this. Coldplay and REM are talking about using Edun Alive for their tours too.

Things to read:
Here is a great piece in the Telegraph that goes into detail about the factory in Lesotho where some of the clothes are made.
Read the excellent Vogue article


V said...

Cool post. And if I was thinner, I'd be running to Barney's right now to help the cause. But I'm sure they don't have anything for the "healthy" body. You think? :)

xolondon said...

Maybe they will do a "big-boned" line! Edun Husky anyone? :) I would need Edun BG line (bulging gut)...