April 24, 2005

Quote of the Week: The wise nun speaks

An important comment from Sister Mary Aquin O'Neill, discussing Pope Benedict XVI and the future of the Catholic Church on Meet The Press, Sunday, April 24, 2005:

"Now, another quote I found from Cardinal Ratzinger, or at least it was reported that he has written that "The three major forces for the development of church doctrine are the Christian and human experience of the church at large, the work of scholars and the watchful attention, listening and deciding undertaken by teaching authority." Now, all those three are important, and the first is the Christian and human experience of the church. I believe that some of us around this table have been pleading for that.

Experience changes, especially the experience of women has got to be brought into this church, listened to, respected and given--put on a plane with those who have developed the teachings out of their perspective and experience, which, by and large, has been male. So there is great room for us to deepen our understanding of the truth and I believe to discover new aspects of the truth. We must not talk about the truth as if it were some kind of package that is fixed and stayed and can be handed on from one generation to the other without anything of ourselves entering into it."

quote comes from Lexis Nexis/ NBC News transcripts.

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