April 27, 2005

Quote of the Week #2

Not much like the nun quote earlier this week...

From Ian McShane's character, the appropriately named Al Swearengen, on Deadwood:

"Those who doubt me suck cock by choice!"


Dave said...

So Lovejoy's back I see. This means I won't have to rely on UK Gold for fifteen year old repeats in order to see Ian McShane.

xolondon said...

He is REALLY good on that show. His character constantly bellows "Cocksucker!" so that's become a bit of a joke in America. Most US audiences don't really know him, except for his voice which is on everything. This show has given him a wider profile here.

For the past month his character, Swearengen, has had a kidney stone and I have to say that having one of those in the 1800's was about the most unpleasant thing a man could go through. He was screaming in a bed for WEEKS - I had to turn off the sound whenever he came on. They did NASTY stuff to him to try and solve it... blech.