April 26, 2005

New Order NOW

New Order releases their first album in ages today and it's a beautiful baby called Waiting for the Sirens' Call. I can't wait for the new single Jetstream (featuring Anamatronic of Scissor Sisters) because it has remixes by Richard X and Jacques LuCont (he did the brilliant mixes for Bitchin' Gwen and Killers).

A few links you should know about:
Torr links to the New Order homepage for streaming songs. Just let the 5 or 6 songs play as you work and you will see why I like this record so much. The gorgeous first single Krafty continues to grow on me. Be sure to check out that video, one of my favorites of recent days. Also check out New Order Online.

Arjan is hosting a brilliant megamix (in Windows Media) for the new CD. I LOVE THIS ALBUM, did you get that?


BGW said...

There's now video footage of them performing some new song and "Love Will Tear Us Apart" on Jimmy Kimmel. Peter Hook's still a badass, but I did not need to hear Bernard singing that song.

xolondon said...

Thanks! Someone said that Bernard had balloned like William Shater, but he doesn't look that bad. Still has a boyish voice...