April 29, 2005

Neneh Cherry's "Kootchi" lyrics

Here is just one thing about Neneh Cherry that I like. The blunt sensibility reflected in these lyrics:

I love the way you walk,
I love the way you talk with your mouth full
The way you park on the sidewalk
The way you are in the car
I'll make you love the way I behave
On my bad days
Show you the trigger to my bitch switch
And how to play with my witch stitch

I love the way you rob a shop
I love the way your belly flops
As the morning drops
And the way you change from playing cup
When you force me to stop
First my assailant
Then my private federal agent
Bang my feet, chain my hands
And ignore my demands

Kiss my dirty feet
I'll take you out for dinner
Laugh at my jokes - ahahhh!
I wanna sit on your back
Close my eyes
Take your pulse
It's 120 (ahhhhh)
And it's rising (ahhhh)
All I wanna do is kootchi koo with you

-From the Man album.

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