April 20, 2005

Bodies Without Organs (or clothes for that matter)

The super cheese-whizzy new pop group that I like, Bodies Without Organs, has a new video out now. You remember them - the Swedes who are big only in Russia. Anyway, this video, which features cameos from Army of Lovers, seems to be a take-off of Madonna's Rain. Lead singer whatsisname is such a "fit" pretty boy that he is a pretty girl. If he ends up in Hollywood, he is destined to be sodomized by an aging media tycoon, is he not?

But I digress. The song "Open Door" is a sugary ballad. If you dig this kind of thing, it will be a wankorama for you. If not, your masculinity (yes, even the women) will be seriously threatened by clicking on this link. Old Bob Seger is the recommended protocol for treatment.

Thanks to Popjustice for the info and the screen shot.

1 comment:

Russell CJ Duffy said...

the sound of a synth is fine especially if it is on the kaiser chiefs new single 'everyday i love you less'.
watch out for Tom Vek. new Brit Beck apparently. great blog by the way. but then again i would like it as
A. its about music.
B. template is same as my poetry blog site.

keep it up and remember....

'still pretty. still vacant'